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My dog has a flat mole-like spot. What could it be?

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My dog has a flat mole-like spot. What could it be?

Postby mariel » Sat Nov 24, 2012 10:53 pm

I will have my vet look this over during our monthly heart worm pill. I'd just like a heads-up.

I adopted my 4 year old chi-terrier in mid August. He was barely 6 pounds then and is now an attractive sliender 8 pounds. Under his neck, the fine white fur is patched in one spot where a flat brown mole-like birthmark-looking thing has developed. I don't know if it's been there or if it's new because I may not have noticed it for 2 months. It doesn't itch or look dry and is smooth, slightly risen. What may have caused this? Can I prevent it? Is this a sign that my dog is older than 4 or is that the age he'd get moles??
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My dog has a flat mole-like spot. What could it be?

Postby ward61 » Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:00 pm

While the presence of moles on dogs is natural, the appearance of new ones is definitely a matter of concern considering that some of these are cancerous in nature. In some cases, the presence of these hard lumps or moles is an indicator of skin cancer in dogs.

Characteristic Features of Malignant Moles

Cancerous moles are mostly present under haired skin as small, dark brown or black lumps.
Their width is up to two inches.
They gradually increase in size.
They swell and elevate above the surface of the skin.
Such moles may bleed at times.

A microscopic examination of mole skin is required to determine its cancerous nature. The pathologist will evaluate a small portion of the tumor to check the overgrowth of cells. There are different types of skin cancer and each type is determined by the rate of proliferation showed by the cancerous cells.
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