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My Brother-in-law Has Cancer Of The Pancreas. What Should I Do ?

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My Brother-in-law Has Cancer Of The Pancreas. What Should I Do ?

Postby eoin » Fri Aug 18, 2017 1:33 am

If his colon was removed the doctors know it is a colon primary and it did not spread to the colon from the pancreas as another answerer suggested. You are not giving enough information for me to know the stage so I will explain what the possibilities are or someone will, and probably should, ask his doctor. If they are recommending chemo there is lymph node involvement, making it at least a stage IIIA and could be as high as a IIIC, provided there are no other organs involved and there are no distant (non-pericolic) lymph nodes involved. If either of these are present it is a stage IV. Therefore, if they find his colon cancer has spread to the pancreas he has a stage IV colon cancer. If they find the pancreas is a separate cancer his colon cancer remains a IIIA-IIIC and the pancreatic cancer is staged separately. I am sorry to tell you neither of these scenarios has a good prognosis. What happens from here will depend on the pancreatic findings.
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