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My blood pressure averages 199/80 is this dangerous what should I do?

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My blood pressure averages 199/80 is this dangerous what should I do?

Postby garritt » Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:28 am

Please whatch this it's a movie called Forks over Knifes, in it, it shows us how can lower our blood pressure, and prevent diseases like heart disease, and cancer!!watch/279734?src=sem-plus-google&cmp=507&gclid=COHT37eNoLUCFcZFMgod-1cAbg
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My blood pressure averages 199/80 is this dangerous what should I do?

Postby bradleah » Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:31 am

Stop drinking soft drinks and other beverages that cause dehydration and increase your water intake, instead.

High blood pressure is caused by chronic dehydration. Doctors will tell you that it's caused by excess salt, but this isn't accurate. When they prescribe medication, they'll tell you to stay away from salt. If you follow this advice, there should be no need for the medication - if salt is the cause of high blood pressure, and you avoid salt, then the blood pressure should return to normal on its own without the need for medication.

But it doesn't work that way - medication is still needed to control the blood pressure. Obviously, the laws of physics don't work with high blood pressure - or else salt isn't the culprit like doctors lead you to believe.

Actually, the cause is water deficiency. The blood is made up of 94% water and salt. If you'll observe a drop of blood from your finger, you'll see that it has thickened and is dark red in color. The only way the blood can become thicker than normal is if some of the water has been removed.

We lose about a quart of water each day through kidney function and another quart through respiration. A lot of water is lost through elimination and also through perspiration (although you may not actually sweat, you're still losing water through the pores - this is how the body cools itself off and maintains a temperature of 98.6°).

This is a lot of water being lost with little or none going back in. Soft drinks and other beverages don't supply the water that people think they do - they're diuretics that take out more water than they contain. They're a major contributor to dehydration).

The link below has a free guide for correcting dehydration. Follow it and stay away from soft drinks and you should see your blood pressure returning to normal within a few days.
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My blood pressure averages 199/80 is this dangerous what should I do?

Postby tremaine20 » Mon Feb 18, 2013 9:43 am

yes. very. go se a doctor.
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