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My Bf Was Diagnosed With A Tumor And Leukemia ?

Leukemia and blood cancer discussion.

My Bf Was Diagnosed With A Tumor And Leukemia ?

Postby Orton » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:40 pm

Me and my bf have been dating for about 3 months , i cant lie my feeling changed a lot and don't love him anymore for several problems we had . I broke up with him about a week ago so he did the whole crying and begging , im gonna change situation . Anyways we were texting yesterday he told me he had a terrible stomach pain , so he went to the emergency room and said they did a whole bunch of test on him , he then told me they said he had 2 tumors from all the smoking and leukemia . ..he then told me " im sad my dream will never come true " i said whats ur dream and he said to make a family , hes 23 im 20 should i stay with him? i feel very pressured to stay with him , i don't love him anymore and i told him i will be there for him as a friend and he can count on me for anything but he says the hes not interested in my friendship if im not with him , when i tried to break up with him a week ago he did the whole im gonna kill myself scene and what not ... i don't know what to do.
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My Bf Was Diagnosed With A Tumor And Leukemia ?

Postby Frederic » Sun Oct 08, 2017 8:45 pm

You can not stay with him if you do not love him. You just can't. Tell him there are better things out there for him. Somewhere there IS a woman that will love him in that way, it just won't be you. If he truly loved you, he would accept your friendship and make the best of it. He would allow you to be free. If he truly loved you, he would want you to be happy.

This is a very difficult time for him and he obviously needs someone! I encourage you to be his best friend and be there for him. But let him know you aren't interested in the next step. He should be happy to have a friend like you.

Don't be pressured into anything. It will not have a good outcome. And if he has suicidal thoughts, maybe he should see a counselor. This might be too much for him (or you).
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