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Might I Have Skin Cancer?

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Discussion

Might I Have Skin Cancer?

Postby Wal » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:11 am

So I've got these weird, weird moles on my head. There's at least 4 and they've gotton bigger lately and my mom (who is a Physician's Assistant) thinks it could be malignant melanoma, aka the deadliest form of skin cancer.

My great grandma had skin cancer at least once, I'm VERY white, get blistering sunburns, blond hair, green eyes, but I'm only 15.
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Might I Have Skin Cancer?

Postby Waefreleah » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:12 am

Ask your parents to help and see the NHS website and a doctor1
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Might I Have Skin Cancer?

Postby Priour » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:13 am

Could be. You should go to see a doctor as soon as possible.
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Might I Have Skin Cancer?

Postby Taji » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:16 am

Symptoms of Skin Cancer

?A small lump (spot or mole) that is shiny, waxy, pale in color, and smooth in texture.

?A red lump (spot or mole) that is firm

?A sore or spot that bleeds or become crusty. Also look for sores that don't heal.

?Rough and scaly patches on the skin.

?Flat scaly areas of the skin that are red or brown.

?Any new growth that is suspicious

Everyone is at risk for developing skin cancer. However, certain characteristics make people more at risk for developing skin cancer:

?people with freckles

?those with fair skin tones

?those who burn easily

?people with light colored eyes, such as green and blue eyes

?people with naturally red or blonde hair

?people who spend a lot of time outdoors

?people who have a personal or family history of skin cancer or melanoma

If you are unsure of your skin cancer risk, talk to your doctor. In the meantime, be sure to follow safe sun practices.

Lets hope u dont hv skin cancer
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Might I Have Skin Cancer?

Postby Rodney » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:19 am

I would get a second opinion. It is so hard for us to judge since we can't see it but the first thing I think of is did the vet. suggest doing a biopsy even a needle biopsy to make sure it has cancer cells rather than jumping right into surgery. Is it possible that she could have gotten poked by something and it left a small foreign particle under the skin and it is festering or an insect bite. The scab is what makes me think of these two things. I am not a vet. and it is just my perspective but I don't know that a week is enough time to see a complete recovery. You just say it is a small thing which can vary and it's only been a few days so I would just watch it unless a biopsy shows cancer cells. Good Luck
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Might I Have Skin Cancer?

Postby wanikiy27 » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:23 am

See a dermatologist.
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Might I Have Skin Cancer?

Postby sampson » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:24 am

The only way to know is to go see a dermatologist.
It sounds like skin cancer from what you've described so far though.
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Might I Have Skin Cancer?

Postby Chaviv » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:25 am

it sure could be with genetic history and sunburns

this link has a self-exam and pictures http://health.kosmix.com/topic/Skin_Canc...
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Might I Have Skin Cancer?

Postby Cortney » Mon Oct 09, 2017 8:35 am

Well your Mom would know more then us, so it could very well be like that. Ask a skin doctor for a sure answer.
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