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MENS HEALTH : Is this mole something to worry about ?

Melanoma and Skin Cancer Discussion

MENS HEALTH : Is this mole something to worry about ?

Postby kasen » Tue Jun 11, 2013 7:38 pm

I am 23 yr old , male.
I think a year back or so I developed a mole on my left shoulder .. I am not sure whether its actually growing or not .
Because if its growing , its a sign of worry ..

I have attached image of bird eye view of my left shoulder (the mole size is around 3x3 millimeters and slightly raised )


I have read that we should follow ABCDE test (Asymmetry , Border , color , diameter , evolving) to be suspicious of moles possibly being melanomas (god forbid !)

and the mole area magnified


I am particularly worried because as you can see the mole is smudging outside its central raised area

When I told my mom , she said I was being paranoid and crazy and that doctor would laugh at me for bringing up something so trivial

What should I do ??? I am particularly scared because the man in the neighborhood developed a serious skin cancer which then went into his brain and he died from it

Do you think I need to consult a doctor for a pinhead sized mole or is it something too trivial ?
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