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Marijuana "addiction" Help Please!?

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Marijuana "addiction" Help Please!?

Postby Barnham » Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:54 pm

I've been smoking weed for about a year and a half now, maybe two years.

I'm 16, a sophomore in high-school. I get straight A's, i'm in all honors classes and will be taking advanced placement next year.

I have a bunch of great friends and a girlfriend, but there's one problem in my life.

I smoke weed, a lot. I can't stop. There hasn't been one day in the last year where i haven't smoked.

When i first started it was only on weekends, but eventually that grew to every single night. i can't even guess how it happened haha.

Anyway i smoke every night (I can no longer go to sleep without it) Sometimes i smoke after school, and sometimes in the morning. it doesn't effect my grades really, in fact i believe it might help. It does however hurt my eating habits (I can only eat when i'm high), and it ***** with my emotions.

I get depressed randomly, and only for short periods of time. I've tried to cut myself a few times for reasons unknown.

Anyway, my questions are:

1. Since weed doesn't interfere with school i don't feel the need to stop, and i DO love the feeling of being that smart druggie in school (haha people look up to me). But, should i quit? Or should i keep smoking. I've decided it's gunna be either HIGH ALL THE TIME.... or SOBER FOREVER.

2. If i should quit then... how? I've tried countless times. When i stop smoking my grades drop, i can't sleep for hours, i get very depressed and I DO CUT MYSELF. I simply can't controll it. And all in all i just end up going back to smoking.

3. If i don't quit then... will this "high" life continue. Or will i hit a wall, were eventually i can't keep my grades up and i start decaying from lung cancer or something.. hah..

4. Last question... what the hell is up with my cutting and stuff..? Like i'm not generally depressed, although i sometimes feel lost or lonely.. sometimes sad and paranoid. But its always very on and off, very sudden, very impulsive. Is this the drugs orrrr....?

Any info is appreciated, thanks :)
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Marijuana "addiction" Help Please!?

Postby Kenjiro » Thu Oct 05, 2017 7:56 pm

There is lots of help on these web sites if you do a web search of this phrase: help for people who want to get off weed in the usa

We can't tell you to quit as that is your decision to make though I think it is a good idea to get help to stop smoking as smoking is addictive.

Do a web search: self-harming united states of america

Here is another website to help you understand reasons why you self harm. http://www.headspace.org.nz/young-people... http://kidshealth.org/teen/your_mind/men...
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Marijuana "addiction" Help Please!?

Postby Garnet » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:00 pm

It sounds like you need some serious counselling or rehab to get off the weed. You're mind won't stay this sharp forever if you continue to smoke. It may not kill you but you're dependent on a drug and that's never good. You're body has adjusted to this unnatural state which it now thinks is natural. Pretty much you need rehab to get back to normal. If you really want to get off it, talk to your parents and see if they are willing to send you to rehab. They must know about it since you smoke it so much.
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Marijuana "addiction" Help Please!?

Postby Atheistan » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:05 pm

You don't need to go to a 5,000 dollar or more rehab center, thats just nonesense, marijuana is not addictive, if you go without it for 3 days you will barely think about it, trust me man ive been smoking since I was 13 im 23 now. I now smoke once a month if im lucky (after I pass the Probation officer drug tests) marijuana does not have any physical addiction qualites.

Marijuana smoke has never been proven to cause cancer.....why would 15 states give cancer patients marijuana prescriptions?
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Marijuana "addiction" Help Please!?

Postby kennan » Thu Oct 05, 2017 8:06 pm

Hey. You and me have a lot in common. First let me tell you, I was an A student, in all honors and I smoked weed all the time too. I hated school and all the students so much if I wasnt high I didnt go to school. I swore to myself that weed was the only thing i would try too, cause it was natural, you know? but so far, it sounds like all you do is weed. thats not great, but you can stop before you **** up everything. a lot of your questions have to do with the same thing, the pot. ok,

1. It does interfere with school. When you stop you said your grades go down. Probly because you dont feel like yourself, because when you are smoking you dont feel the uncomfortable crap that you feel when you are sober. and not only that, since you smoked for a year or so everyday, your body is used to the chemical. its not physically addictive, but like and drug or medication it goes into your brain and affect certain chemicals and stuff. when you stop doing it, those chemicals arent there anymore so you dont go through withdrawal per say(im not a professional, im an ex-drug user), but your body doesnt have its "medicine". i take antidepressants and stuff and when i stop, the medicine leaves my system and i feel different, i feel bad. you may be using pot like a medicine man. you may not like this suggestion, but maybe you could see a doctor and talk about the way you feel.

2. but you gotta get off the pot. get over the hump, i mean... stay off it long enough so that you dont feel bad anymore and you dont feel like you HAVE to go back to it. just keep trying, try a week, or a month or whatever you can do. its ok to screw up and fall back, but really try to commit to this and if you want to change your life for real, before you **** it up like i did, get some help like therapy or something. cause eventually you will get caught at school or arrested or something. or you might just try some coke or pills you never know. im 29 and i have only been clean for 14 months, i have hepatitus C from using dirty needles, i had to go through chemotherapy, ive been arrested more times than i can count, crashed more cars than my entire family combined, im divorced and dropped out of college. this doesn't have to happen yo you.

3. if you dont quit there is no predicting the future. you could possibly just be a pothead forever, neveer get in trouble and get a regualr job and not get cancer. or you could suffer every consequence there is. or some of both. no one can tell you. but cancer is a definite possibility. any kind of smoke, tobacco or weed or any other is not good for your lungs. if you smoke weed long enough though you will hit a "wall". you might become depressed, but most likely lazy. sit around all the time when even finding the remote control is too much work so you settle for infomercials about bowflex.

4. cutting yourself is a sign something is wrong. i did that too. i grew out of it quickly but some people never do. sometimes people are suicidal and do it to kill themselves, other times it is for attention, other times it is for a complicated reason that i dont understand. well, they are all complicated... but i dont even know why i did it. i would be smiling like a maniac while i did it. it was freakin weird. feeling lost and lonely is normal for everyone, but if its severe you gotta talk to someone. find a counselor or therapist. if you are worried about people finding out, then do it secretly. dont tell anyone, you never know what friend is gonna tell someone else. i told a friend, then suddenly the whole school labeled me as a nutcase that had sex with cats and jerked off dogs... not very nice.
your moods are probably from puberty, the drugs, normal human behavior and everyday life stress.

this was long. i hope it didn't kill you to read it. just do your best. treat yourself with respect man. dont cut yourself, you are a good dude. you are smart, and you dont want to lose that. i swear i am like... dumber now. do yourself a favor and get some help. good luck!
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