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Male Cat With Undescended Testicle? Need Some Advice?

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Male Cat With Undescended Testicle? Need Some Advice?

Postby Yasir » Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:33 am

I have a male cat that's about 8 or 9 years old, and I had him neutered around age 1. When I went to have that done, the vet told me that one of his testicles was undescended. He acted like it was nothing to worry about, so I left it alone. I was just recently reading vet articles saying that the testicle could possibly cause cancer. Is this true? And how would a vet find it/remove it? Would it be very painful for my cat? And also, if he's not being watched, he will spray anything. Would having it removed solve that too? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!
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Male Cat With Undescended Testicle? Need Some Advice?

Postby caillen » Wed Aug 09, 2017 3:39 am

The term for this is cryptorchid, and he should have had it removed when he was neutered! A cat with one testicle is just as "male" as an unneutered male, and that is why he is spraying.
He is still producing male hormones.
And yes, it's true that there is a very good chance of the testicle becoming cancerous.
The operation is sort of like a spay in a female - there is an incision made in the abdomen, and the vet goes and looks for the testicle.
It's usually either right behind the scrotal sac (but inside the body of course) or embedded in the wall of the abdomen.
Occasionally the vet has to go poking around to find it, and this sometimes requires a bigger incision.
It takes a couple days of recovery, and time for the hormones to leave his system, but yes - getting him free of both testicles will probably eliminate his desire to spray, and it will definitely eliminate his chance of getting testicular cancer.

I've had several male cats that needed a cryptorchid neuter - my vet jokes that they are speutered (spayed AND neutered).
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