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Lytic Lesion In The Fibula

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Lytic Lesion In The Fibula

Postby Beolagh » Sun Aug 16, 2015 11:38 pm

I'm a 37 year-old male, regular marathon runner(i.e. one every month during the "season"). No negative health history(other than a couple sports-related broken bones) and mono a couple times when younger.  After a couple months of being unable to run(stopping and starting every couple weeks) due to right shin pain(only when running) I went in for a possible stress fracture.  Doc just called and said the x-ray showed a lytic lesion on my right fibula and is sending me for an MRI from the radiation oncology department this weekend.  Googling shows any number of possibilities but most of them seem to involve people significantly younger or older.  Apparently it's also possible for a stress fracture to show up as a lytic lesion on an x-ray?  There is no familial incidence of cancer other than with my maternal grandfather.  What possibilities am I dealing with here?  Thanks!
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Lytic Lesion In The Fibula

Postby addis94 » Mon Aug 17, 2015 8:09 am

A lytic lesion is an area of bone which doesn't contain the normal amount of calcium.  The term isn't precise; there can be lytic lesions whose margins fade into normal bone density, and others where the margin is sharply demarcated.  Some lytic lesions show dense calcification at the margins.  all that being said, a lytic lesion implies something wrong with the mechanism of depositing and removing calcium.  It is indeed possible to have a lytic lesion as a consequence of a fracture.  Tumors can do this.  Multiple myeloma and its close relative, plasmacytoma, can cause lytic lesions.  Sarcoidosis, a non-malignant condition, and fungal infections of the bone are additional possibilities.  Finally, bone cysts can be seen as lytic lesions.  The fact that you only recently had the onset of symptoms and that there seems(so far) to be only one lesion, suggest to me that there is a high chance of this being malignant, and I would get the MRI and probably a biopsy will next be ordered, which you should get.  Please let me know the outcome.  
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