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Lung Cancer Vs Spells And Rituals

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Lung Cancer Vs Spells And Rituals

Postby celestine » Sun Mar 09, 2014 7:31 am

You recently posted a question to Rev. Amy Blackthorn Ph.D, DD. HPS, RM in category Pagan/Wiccan Religion:

One from my family is diagnosed with cancer in the respiratory. doctor found that my eldest brother has ceased most part of his lungs and now still checking the neck part where he is suffering from heavy fatigue and back pain. In a couple of days he will under go biopsy to know the stage of his cancer. Everyone from my family are devastated about this and very hard to accept because he is still young. We love him so much. Please do answer my query as soon as possible on how to do rituals or cast spell to remove his deadly illness.

I believe in rituals and spells that it can do magical and miracle things aside from prayers. please help us to do the most effective and reliable spell and ritual. My brother is living in Las Vegas while I am in the Philippines. His wife is willing too, to do all these spells and rituals. Kindly recommend the best one or best things to do ... Thanks
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Lung Cancer Vs Spells And Rituals

Postby Maynor » Wed Mar 12, 2014 4:30 pm


First my prayers and magical workings for healing go out to you for your brother. In the craft, it is important for the individual doing the working to be a "practitioner". These rituals need to be "performed" by said individuals and not by people who want to "do" spells. It is akin to asking your sister-in-law to perform surgery on your brother when she is not a doctor.  

So, I as a practitioner will offer to do a magical working for your brother and would suggest that your sister in law seek out a Coven in her area, of which there are several, and ask them to do the same. Also, with your brothers permission I can send distance healing directly to him as part of Reiki which is a Japanese healing discipline that has a "distance" component.

Please let me know if this is acceptable to you by private contact or at  [email protected]

Bright Blessing in your time of need,

Alfred Willowhawkhttp://www.spiritualcoachwillowhawk.comhttp://www.witerayvn.com  
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