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Long! Endoscopy shows red inflamed spots in stomach?

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Long! Endoscopy shows red inflamed spots in stomach?

Postby ahimelech » Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:01 pm

What could this possibly mean??

My son just had one done today and the GI told us that he did well and there is nothing that really stood out other than some red inflamed areas on like the wall of his stomach and esophagus..

They are testing him for Celiacs disease,ulcers,and lactose intolerance,

His symptoms are loss of appetite and he lost 10 pounds in 2 weeks.. He's been in the hospital 1 week today.. They weighed him today and he actually gained 2 pounds back since being there which is a good sign. He also has been very angry and aggitated behavior which is odd for him since he's usually a very very bubbly and happy little boy. (the day he went to the hospital he had a psycotic episode!!)..They did a stomach x ray as well, which only showed some constipation. They did blood work/urine test/thyroid test/EEG/and MRI.. All normal. Since being in the hospital, he's much more himself now.. But skinny from losing wright, pale,and very quiet.. But smiling and acting somewhat himself. He's also eating more.. He had cookies and juice half n hour after the endoscopy!

He's 4 1/2 with severe autism with epilepsy (the seizures are rare and dont occur often though.. Probably cause he's on 5ML of trileptal to control them.)

We won't know any results from the endoscopy until 72 hours,and for the possible lactose intolerance, we won't know for a month!!

So, anyone know what the red irritation in his stomach and esophagus could be from??? Celiacs disease? Ulcers?? I'm FREAKING out that it could he cancer!!!! But, the GI dr told us he could be released today since he doesn't see a reason with his stomach to keep him hospitalized. (he's going to stay till Thursday or Friday for the autism/neuro part,he has to see a psychatriyst)

Someone plz just put my mind at ease that it's very unlikely that it's something horrific like cancer???! Like, if there was a possibility of cancer., would the GI dr have seen it?? Would He tell us that he could go home?? Help!!
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Long! Endoscopy shows red inflamed spots in stomach?

Postby meredith » Sun Sep 18, 2011 10:03 pm

You have to go to the autism biomed forums to ask this question. Most people on Yahoo Answers are the regular population. On the autism biomed forums, Yahoo Groups (search autism biomed), all the people there have done medical treatments on their children, many have had them tested as you did your son. They will either tell you what you ask or tell you where to go to find the people that know this answer.
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