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Living With Kidney Cancer?

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Living With Kidney Cancer?

Postby Birky » Mon Mar 16, 2015 1:36 am

i have had my kidney removed due to cancer and would like to speak to people in the same sitiation as me
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Living With Kidney Cancer?

Postby Aryo » Thu Mar 19, 2015 1:57 am

I had my right Kidney removed back in Feb. due to Renal Cell Carcinoma.
Mine was stage 3a grade 4, M0, N0, and so far I feel good, but it's scarey because it's highly recurrent and mine was sorta in the weird grey zone where I'm told 'let's wait and see but your bucking some fairly steep odds there's no recurrence by September' It was fairly advanced . Meanwhile my body is adjusting to one kidney ie. I had 2 bouts of gout and some blood pressure problems, but now the gout is gone and the blood pressure is good.
My adrenal gland was removed with the kidney and it tends to affect blood pressure, so it's taken my remaining kidney some time to adjust, but it's done so.

It's kinda weird because in some ways I feel much better ie. more energy...and more focused on the present moment. I have normal calcium levels, the right vitamin d level, and feel overall slightly more fit. Yet, honestly I'm scared. I can face death, but I constantly worry about money and family and how they will be if I should die. Family stress and money stress are for me the worst things. I have one sorry sociopath narcissistic relative = a bio. father who basically called me up while I was still getting over my surgey who tearfully told me he would not be able to assist my wife after I died. It was really creepy. To make it even crazier - is that he's a millionaire. He's afraid it will cost too much...
Creepy. I didn't realise until then how creepy he had always been. My RCC has had a way of bringing things to a head. I don't have time for narcissists and keeping up appearances.

People all around me seem at times to talk about their anticipated retirements...BUT not me. I just want a year, and what's weird, is I sometimes believe it's me - not the ones talking about distant futures - that is the lucky one. Ya see RCC is the dragon I fight and fear, but some people never get to see and fight their dragon. RCC punctuates my life. A lot of people don't get that chance.

I might live 6 mos. I might live 7 years. I don't know. I have one doc. who says 'let's go a year cancer free. I have another doc. who kinda treats me like a walking corpse. I have to ignore the stats. There's folks stage 4 who've lived 10 years and know remission. There's folks who live 2 mos...

I work 2 jobs, and currently try to amaze folks who think I'm a dead man walking.

Here's a couple of myths: sugar cause cancer to recur. It's a myth. I had a coworker Rn try to stop me from drinking coffe with a little sugar because it might cause a recurrance. It's a myth.

Stress will cause a recurrance. Well, stress can be unpleasant and not good for anything at times, but there's no evidence that stresscauses cancer recurrances. Live, seize the moment. Currently I'm not on meds, but I'm told sutent or a trial med might be a future option. Now I'm glad to not be on meds. My doc. told me last week I can drink a little guiness stout on weekends. Yes!!!!

Chemo doesn't work for RCC, nor does radiation.
Has to be an adjuvant like interleukan or interferon.

Most RCC's don't get found except by accident and 30% are found at stage 4 after metestasis. mINE was a whopper 15cm massthat had gotten in the fatty tissue but not spread beyond the kidney wall. Lost the kidney , 2 regional nodes and the adrenal gland. Basically there were no overt symptoms at the time it was detected.

Lots of web sites, so google around... Kidney cancer ribbon is now orange instead of green..
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