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Lipase And Amylase Levels?

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Lipase And Amylase Levels?

Postby Colin » Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:03 am

My 75 year old grandmother's lipase levels are over 3 times the normal range but her amylase is normal. She went for an ultrasound on Saturday which showed that she had an elevated pancreatic duct. Originally she had an appointment with a GI doctor this week for blood in her stool but because of the enlarged duct her primary sent her for a CT scan today. Last week, she had abdominal pain, back pain, all and all wasn't feeling well. She doesn't eat healthy, is over weight, and had her gallbladder out around 10 years ago. Plus, her blood sugar isn't normal but she does not have diabetes..I know two people that have died of pancreatic cancer, they both passed within a month of diagnosis. My grandma said she is feeling better but pancreatic cancer doesn't show horrific signs until it's too late and I'm scared cancer is a high risk. Because I've know people who have passed due to pancreatic cancer, I understand there is very little that can be done. However, my grandma thinks her she can be operated on and they can give her insulin, which will cure her. I'm just looking for in-site on what this problem might be, and questions I can ask her doctor, as I'm going to her next dr appointment....Any information will help!
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Lipase And Amylase Levels?

Postby garran » Sun Sep 24, 2017 3:04 am

It could very well be Chronic Pancreatitis or a Pancreatic duct blockage... Pancreatic cancer can be notoriously difficult to diagnose at the early stages.. if she's overweight, it could be gallstone pancreatitis... ask her doctor to check for tumor markers in blood, like CA-19 (this one in particular may be positive in 60-70% of the cases), CA-125, and CEA...they're not always accurate, but if if one of them turns out to be positive, it may be a reason good enough for further investigation. Wishing her all the best.
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