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Left Testicle Pain? Help?

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Left Testicle Pain? Help?

Postby bailefour » Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:21 am

I've had like an aching pain in my left testicle and I'm starting to get worried about what it is. I'm not sure if its just me growing because I'm still 15, or if it is something worse like testicular cancer or a torsion. Its not swollen so I guess that's good. Also, its not stopping me from doing everyday things, it's just starting to get annoying. Should I see a doctor?
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Left Testicle Pain? Help?

Postby korey37 » Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:28 am

Tight back muscles can be causing that pain for you for when they are tight they can press onto the nerves, as they leave the spine, going to the organs. Pressure on the nerves going to your testicles will cause the pains you are having. To get rid of the pain you have to free up your back muscles and here's how to free them up:
(do while sitting)
Place your left hand on your left leg next to your body. Place your right hand over your left shoulder, fingers over the back and the palm in the front and firmly pull down on them and hold. After 30 seconds slowly lower your body forward and to the outside of your left leg, keeping your left arm fairly straight as you do. When you reach your lap remain there for another 10 seconds, release the pressure but rest there for another 30 seconds. Then reverse your hand positions and do your right side.
For best results relax your body first by taking a deep breath and exhaling then remain this relaxed.
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Left Testicle Pain? Help?

Postby masselin » Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:34 am

i had pain in my testicles for like a week straight not to long ago. was more of a discomfort and just a little painful. i went to the doctor he said it happens to guys and doesnt know exactly why. he sent me home and the pain went away after a couple of days. i think it might have been because of these new pair of skinny pants i got. but who knows. could be anything. id wait 2 weeks and if its not gone by then maybe get it checked out.
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Left Testicle Pain? Help?

Postby chevell » Sun Sep 18, 2011 11:39 am

Yes, obviously. Maybe it's nothing, but it's always better to get checked.
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