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LEEP Biopsy after Cervical Biopsy results...?

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LEEP Biopsy after Cervical Biopsy results...?

Postby korey37 » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:21 pm

About a month ago I had an abnormal pap. I went in 2 weeks ago and had a biopsy done. My Doctor didn't really tell me a lot, just that there were a lot of abnormal cells, and we would go over the biopsy results in 2 weeks. Well, 2 weeks ago was Friday May 7th. I went in for my appointment and was told that the doctor wasn't there- he was called into emergency surgery. They would have him look at the results, review them with the receptionist, and she would call me. When I talked to her- I was told I needed to come back ASAP for a LEEP Biopsy. When I asked why, she just got quiet and tried to explain it to me the best she could- The my pap came back at a "low level" for abnormal cells, by the biopsy results were at a higher level- and they needed to get a close look, and check other areas so they need to do a more extensive biopsy. After researching LEEP a little over the weekend, I called today and asked if I was having it done as a treatment procedure, or as a biopsy. The receptionist pulled my info and told me that it was another biopsy. I asked if I have been diagnosed with anything (hoping they would say "Cervical Dysplasia," or some other PRE cancerous condition...but she told me I have not been diagnosed, they need to do another biopsy first...I'm really confused, and scared. I'm assuming this means they think I may have cancer, and the receptionist isn't authorized to share that information. She told me the Doctor would explain more when I come in this week for the LEEP Biopsy...I know I should just wait and see, but I'm really freaking out. Does anybody have any similar stories, experiences or insights?
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LEEP Biopsy after Cervical Biopsy results...?

Postby walton » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:26 pm

This sounds all too familiar to me. I went for several years with perfect paps, until the one I had in the months leading up to my wedding. The nurse, who is a b**ch, called me to say I needed to come back in for a colposcopy, where they could take biopsies. I have anxiety, so I asked if they could give me anything beforehand, and the nurse said I wouldn't need it. Let's just say I changed a few minds when I almost passed out on the exam table. My doctor got the results back from the biopsy and immediately referred me to a oncologist. I had a glandular cancer inside of my cervix. After the oncologist examined me, he scheduled me for surgery. Just a few weeks later, I had a cold knife conization.

My oncologist said that doctors choose different methods of removal, depending on the patient. Because of where my cancer was and the risk for not removing it all, the cold knife was the best choice for me.

Flash forward a year to this February. I go back to my GYN and her nurse calls and leaves a pretty worthless voicemail if you ask me. Basically, I had some abnormal cells growing and the lab couldn't be sure of the grade, but that I needed to follow up on that. I refused to follow up with them, so I gave my oncologist a call. They got me right in, did another set of biopsies, and called me within a week. I had high grade cells all over the place. Within that same day I was scheduled for laser ablation to kill off all the abnormal cells.

Since this surgery, I have been disappointed with my GYN and her office's lack of skills. When you are taking paps every 3 months as a follow up on the surgery, how do you miss high grade cells that are growing all over my cervix and the right vaginal wall?

As for the LEEP procedure, I have not personally had it, but I know several people who have. They have had no issues with it and two of the have conceived since their surgery.

In my opinion, if your concerns are not being addressed by the staff or if they are not answering your questions, you need to find a new doctor. You have the right to make an informed decision on the care of your body. Do not let anyone take that away from you. I would at least ask to be referred to a gynecological oncologist, who is definitely better equipped to handle your case than just a GYN.

I hope this has helped you in some way. Take care!
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LEEP Biopsy after Cervical Biopsy results...?

Postby chayim » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:32 pm

I have cervical dysplasia and had colposcopies done every 6 months for 2 years. This was AFTER a whole big fiascal with 2 other doctors first. The first one was great, she referred me to a gyno after an abnormal pap and testing showed that I have HPV. The bad kind.

I went to the first gyno and she was a total B**ch. She scheduled the LEEP, but when I got to the hospital they expected me to pee for a pregnancy test. I couldn't because I had been fasting for the anesthesia, so i insisted on a blood test. The nurse took the blood and I was waiting for the results when another nurse came in to try to bully me into giving a urine sample. I explained to her that I couldn't pee because I haven't put anything into my body for there to be anything to come out and also that where I was at in my cycle, a urine test wouldn't show anything anyway. she kept pushing so I walked out before the results came in.

The second doctor was even worse. I told her I had bad anxiety but she refused to put me under for the procedure which by the way is very high voltage and can ruin your baby maker if you jump a little and catch a stray spark. She gave me ativan which i had never taken before so i wasn't aware of the very little effect it has on anxiety. I got into the operating room where they tied my arms down and secured my feet in the stirrups. they started cleaning me and I freaked out. I called the doctor names and struggled in the restraints until they finally released me. I begged for my mother and they refused to bring her to me. The doctor then went to talk to my mother and i sent the nurse after her to stop her and retract my consent to share information. The doctor dropped me as a patient and said i never told her about my anxiety.. so what does she just give all her patients ativan for no reason? what a great doctor right?

I then went to a christian doctor who was wonderful. he told me about an experimental treatment for women my age which is to do nothing at all. My stage was moderate when i entered his care, and he is the one who did the biopsies. He used cervical blocks everytime and promised, rather demanded, that i be anesthetised completely for the LEEP procedure. Turns out my condition got better and LEEP is no longer advised.

Sometimes it's funny how things work out, and I'm so glad I didn't go thru with either procedure. If you are uncomfortable at all, get a second opinion. the first two doctors never told me i had other options. They made it seem like life and death that I do the LEEP as treatment. Not the case.
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LEEP Biopsy after Cervical Biopsy results...?

Postby hakim » Mon Aug 29, 2011 9:42 pm

it's very truth. we have lot of experience like what you have happen..? most of time we are thinking the doctors are the gods. but some time there behave like dogs. actually now in my personal way i thing if i have any sickness of my body, ill will read my body from the foot to head. so then we can understood human figure also a normal system like a motor engine. so it's can be lots of big issues. but we can think about and treat those sickness. most of time we are been to sickness because of if any of abnormal thing happen in body we are going to be panic. so i think doctors are also human Being. they also getting to sick no. so i thing how are we panic about our sickness so the doctors treatment will comes to us as well as panic. so my concern is not for the all doctors in the world.
but the truth is what you to happen today, it's next to someone tomorrow.!
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