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Just How Can I Help My Stepdad Who's Dying From Liver Diease?

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How Can I Help My Stepdad Who Is Dying From Liver Diease?

Postby aeneas86 » Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:00 am

darwin? said: 1 You are an adult, so presumably you can protect yourself from further abuse. Thus, if you wish to help your step-dad, I suggest you go to the hospital, preferably at a time your mother is not present, and ask him what he needs from you. At the very least, the fact that you visit him and show that you care about him will help him whether he gets the transplant or not. The fact that he apologized to you shows that he does want a relationship with you.As to your mother, you cannot help her unless she is willing to accept help from you. About the only thing you can do would be to pray for her if you are a believer, and possibly tell a social worker at the hospital of your concerns. Sometimes the state can help elders, too, just as it acts to protect minors. Since your step-dad is over age 65 and is ill and presumably disabled, he falls under the Adult Protective Service guidelines, so he might be eligible for nursing care, counseling, home help, and protection from your mother if she should be abusive to him as she was to you.Good luck. You are in a difficult situation. 56 months ago
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How Can I Help My Stepdad Who Is Dying From Liver Diease?

Postby Ullock » Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:30 am

truff said: 2 Yes, I think Darwin's advice says it very well...you are an adult and the fact that you are capable of and willing to do something for your stepdad shows your strength and compassion. It might help you w/ healing your own past(although you may think that they are already healed) and as Darwin said, just to spend a little time w/ your stepdad. People on the brink of passing have a tendency to change and become more open, but protect yourself from your mother if you think it's necessary. You might bring some comfort to your stepdad ... 56 months ago
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