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Just Got Rejected By This Girl I Really Like...not Sure Where To Go From Here?

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Just Got Rejected By This Girl I Really Like...not Sure Where To Go From Here?

Postby Baldovino » Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:55 am

Basically, this girl and I have gotten pretty close and have become good friends over the past two months or so. I could go into a lot of detail to show some of the things she's done but I'll just briefly summarize: Told me I'm one of the funniest guys she knows, introduced me to her mom, went to the movies (with friends) and she would hold my arm during the scary scenes, and like had her legs on top of mine kinda...We flirt a lot, physically she lets me touch her in a flirtatious ways, never says stop or anything. We share the same taste in music and kinda like have an inside joke regarding that.

So today, after a couple of weeks where it's been really awkward between us I guess cuz we haven't really been talking, she came up to me and like asked oh do you wanna see this picture or something, and i was like sure and we got to talking and i kinda just like told her like im losing it and i think im going crazy, can't think straight..she asked what's wrong and I said don't worry about it but she kept insisting that I tell her. So I told her to meet up after class so we can go uptown and talk about it. I told her about this problem I've been having to deal with..My dad recently got diagnosed with colon cancer, and so I talked to her about this..She had an idea that my dad was having this issue so she told me that's what she thought I was going to tell her..then she asked is that all? and well idk why but i didnt really tell her i like her i told her i kinda used to like her for a bit in october...and then she acted really shocked and didn't really know what to say..She asked if I still liked her and I said something like "well that kinda depends on how you feel...if you like me then all those feelings would probably come back, but if you don't then it's whatever cuz then we don't really have a problem." and stuff like that...and then she was thinking a lot, and i mean for like 15 minutes lol cuz she told me that idea had never crossed her mind...so i was like ok....and so then she told me how shes trying to envision what it would be like and then she said something like "like right now just walking together i feel like were friends" and then i said alright then...and she said okay so is this resolved? and i was like yeah i guess..and we walked back to school....not sure where to go from here..we promised that it wouldnt be awkward when we see eachother at school..
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Just Got Rejected By This Girl I Really Like...not Sure Where To Go From Here?

Postby Lucio » Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:06 am

From what i can see i think the problem really was that u both have feelings for eachother and the way u kinda awknowledged it was not the way i'd definetely wanna hear it talk less of her anyways u should sit down and have a talk with express how u reallly feel about her if u say it in a more calm appealing way i'm sure she will probabbly feel the same.
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