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Jury Nullification, What Do You Know?

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Jury Nullification, What Do You Know?

Postby cyneric » Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:14 pm

"Jury Nullification" is a 'sexy' way the District Attorney describes a "Not Guilty" verdict. Instead of saying, "I screwed up." they say "_I_ didn't *lose*, *they* cheated." It's childish "not my fault" "blame the other guy" crap. What's even more insulting is it's iron-clad reliant predictability - who's gonna be taken by surprise when (1) you try to s t r e t c h a charge way beyond what it can hope to cover with (2) evidence that's less solid than unset Jello in a Noon-day Summer Sun against (3) the community's own toothless pet rabbit? Um, "Duh"? If you ACTUALLY Study the cases it's been claimed on the pattern is so repetitively reliable you gotta wonder "if" that wasn't the goal from the very beginning.

Juries have a duty to decide the facts in a case. USUALLY a question of "statutory validity" is STIPULATED by BOTH the Prosecution AND the Defense. But in a 'nullification' case "somehow" the "stipulation" isn't entirely there and so the question of applicability becomes an issue of fact. As such it's the Jury's duty to settle it. Both lawyers and judges know the processes of Certification and Certiorari, where they COULD "blame" a "higher court" for deciding the validity of a code - but again, in a "nullification case" for some unexplained reason they don't do that Either. Go figure, huh?

And no. When my case went to court I'd crafted it years before to put the correct issues directly into the correct hands of the proper parties responsible. So they played "hot potato" with it for seven years and never took it to trial. They even "dismissed" it piecemeal by postcard just to keep me out of the courthouse DESPITE my specific summation instruction to a jury that it MUST find me guilty.
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Jury Nullification, What Do You Know?

Postby muirfinn89 » Mon Feb 27, 2017 11:18 pm

I know that you have no idea what you are talking about.
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