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Is this scorpio man interetsed in a relationship or just sex?!?

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Is this scorpio man interetsed in a relationship or just sex?!?

Postby gwynfor » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:02 am

He takes me out often, for coffees, lunches, dinners etc. He has taken me to wineries, to the movies to the beach etc. and he really loves and respects my family (and makes a big deal about impressing them, too!) We have been on about 5 dates and 2 of them have ended up back at his place where we end up chatting and watching movies, im about 5 years younger than him and am nineteen so of course am a little more hesitant to get in bed with him until i know him better (which he has also said before). He has introduced me to all of his friends, told me he has feelings for me, and wants to introduce me to his mum.

However, on our last date, he asked me if i was a virgin and told me how many sexual partners he had had (about 20) :P and i felt like things were going down a more sexual road, and when we went back to his, he got more frisky and told me he wanted to see me naked (i told him he would have to wait)....! (but i loved it) but im trying to decide - is this guy serious? or does he just want some?

What do you think?! BTW - I am a cancer woman
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Is this scorpio man interetsed in a relationship or just sex?!?

Postby eledon » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:08 am

Make him wait til 2013 and if he breaks up wit u he wanted some and if he stays u still dont gotta give him any
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Is this scorpio man interetsed in a relationship or just sex?!?

Postby paschal » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:11 am

since when does the month your born decide who your compatible with
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Is this scorpio man interetsed in a relationship or just sex?!?

Postby amiel24 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:18 am

If he wasn't interesting in banging you, he wouldn't of asked if you were a virgin or not. Avoid him if you don't want anything sexual. If so, have fun lol
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Is this scorpio man interetsed in a relationship or just sex?!?

Postby thane » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:25 am

if he was just at it because of the chance of getting you in bed then he wouldnt of waisted the time of taking you out and meeting your family, i do think hes serious but i also think you should wait, to see if he's serious, it seems to me he was just a bit (just a bit ;p) turned on. You could even wait untill your married, not to enforce my beliefs on you, but it will defineitly prove weather he's serious or not (you may think this is a drastic approach but hey it works) one way or another, in my opinion, i think your guyfriend is serious and obviously into you :)
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Is this scorpio man interetsed in a relationship or just sex?!?

Postby kiba » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:31 am

Yup, those are some serious stuff. Scorpios are highly secretive so if he shares personal stuff with you like family and friends then he is interested in a relationship. Scorpios are very sexual and that's really how they show their love (and damn they're good). They're more on action rather than words. Trust me, he wouldn't bother with that much effort if he's not interested.

@Eagle7: you're so right. You just actually helped me with my Scorp problem :) thanks
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Is this scorpio man interetsed in a relationship or just sex?!?

Postby ward61 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:34 am

He's totally interested in an actual relationship - however, to Scorpio man, part of the expectations of a relationship is sex. Scorpio is the best match for Cancer so I think that, if you trust astrology like I do, you should hold on to this guy. If you refrain from anything sexual for too long, you'll turn him off. It might be a good idea to just, you know, let him know that you might eventually have sex with him. But with actions, not words. Meaning you know, give him something sexually small. Just show him some progress.

But yeah seriously I'm kind of looking for a Cancer woman, and, as a Scorpio, would probably end up doing just about anything for her. Scorpios are very emotional, just like Cancers. We're extremely sexual, but to us that's just part of love. So let him love you... if you're ready for it.
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Is this scorpio man interetsed in a relationship or just sex?!?

Postby luigi » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:39 am

I am a Scorpio Rising & Neptune (1st house of SELF)

I have been with a male Scorpio since 2001. He has
Sun scor 5°
Venus scor 3°
Mar scor 0°
With Libra Rising, mercury, uranus, pluto(aries moon)

I know him inside & out better than anyone on the planet. Zodiac only proved my inuition of him for last 12 years.
I have heard many of his confirmed stories of "girls" in his life.

Not All Scorpio human beings are same yet they have commin traits.

Birth Charts help explain reactions & character & behavior.

He bragged about getting lesbians to have sex with him, who said they were completely 100% lesbians. Was a challenge for him.

He purposely slept in a bed with a beautiful popular girl for 4 wks without sex, just to prove a point to her. Because she told him that he had a bad reputation with girls, she heard. 2 yrs later he had sex w/ her 1 time & never spoke to her again. To prove a point.

He luvs the challenge of proving he is right & every one else is wrong.

He played mind games with me for yrs. Still Tries.
Strokes his Ego. Power. His control over his emotions & Actions.

He with held sex as a punishment for yrs that we lived together. He had control over my actions, emotions & thoughts. He knew I would always be faithful. Or he thought.
my Venus is in Cancer(9th House)/I was faithful to him for over 4 yrs & then I said "why"

He has lied to my face many times.

There are different Levels of Scorpio

They keep their intent & motives well hidden. I know. Their words & action can be opposite of the truth.

Scorpio sees loyalty in Cancer. How Scorpio uses that knowing knowledge is the mystery until it all unfolds.

Scorpio is attracted to Cancer

When you stated "tries to impress them" I laughed/I know this. He did/does to my family & friends. Funny they all saw right through him.
Trying to convince them he is GOOD, AWESOME, GREAT, AMAZING GUY/NOT !
Scorpio is The Thinker, unveiler of truth & master manipulater. Planner.

Maybe your guy is positive, but movies at his house!/No way/Seeing you naked/No way/Telling you he has had sex with 20 girls/He is lying 101%
Well is it 19 or 21 girls
T M I (Too much information)
He was trying to get a # out of you! Sly

Do not go down the RABBIT HOLE. My advice.

You deserve to be taken to the movies! Movie Theater/If he cannot afford that, then he cannot afford to DATE. JUST SAYING.

I HAD A SCORPIO in june trying to pull this on me/1 date/Dropping the sex questions. I did not tell him I am a "scorpio rising"/My Secret.
I invited him to swim at my pool & he said "ever gone skinny dipping?" I said "maybe & maybe not! I not trying to go to jail! Especially with you"
He acts & speaks like a good boy scorpio.
I saw right through him 1st & last time being around him for 10hrs. I think half of what he bragged about was pure lies. Seriously tried to impress me.
That doesnot impress me much

Keep your dignity. No guy worth your loss of dignity.

Too much wasted energy on mind games. U deserve better.

I know. I speck from experience. Many scorpios attracted to me. Married, Single or not.

Scorpio ruled by Pluto and sub ruled by Mars (love the game, chase, challenge, bored easily)

You intuitive, listen to your intuition.
A fish only smells like a fish.
You can dressup a pig in pink, but it will always be a PIG

Be wise

I hope this helps

Scorpio, allll Scorpios are Ruled by their Sex Organ. Truth.
Mars rules Aries & Aries rules THE HEAD

Scorpio/Pluto rules the 8th House = the unknown & mystery & secrets
Scorpio subruled by Aries . Mars rules Aries....
Aries/Mars rules the 1st House = SELF=Image

Scorpio is a fixed sign = they do not like Change & they like to change others to think & act as they do . Or be like them
Scorpio extremely JEALOUS of people, places &/ or things (envy) they want what others have. Like a 2 year old. Very resentful & seek revenge.

They are the great teachers of lessons

They are all consuming & rarely give their heart away, but they will try to take away anothers heart. I believ out of envy.

Harsh & blunt, yes. This is how I see scorpio, unless I met a positive & selfless Scorpio, yet still they are Scorpio.

You are a FEELER/ Use all your 6 senses around him. Be quiet, listen, feel around him & you will know. Scorpio luv to trap prey. Remember that. Their sting is paralysing.

Feelings change like the wind. Always moving in different directions.
Try to think. Think think. Trust your gut intuition. I say over & over.

Be wise, be strong. Love life. No one can take your dignity away; you can only give it away or rent it out.



Book on sex & astrology .... I have this... Explains MUCH.... Great book...
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Is this scorpio man interetsed in a relationship or just sex?!?

Postby rye71 » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:46 am

I'm a Pisces guy and the experience I've had with Scorpio woman is.... they have a very high sex drive, and if you can't satisfy their sexual needs then they tend to look for pleasure elsewhere.. that's just from my experiences.

On another note, he's a male, all us males are hot blooded and our hormones go raging from time to time, and being a Scorpio he's most probably the most highly sexed guy you'll ever meet.
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Is this scorpio man interetsed in a relationship or just sex?!?

Postby lucila » Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:47 am

First I want to start by saying I am a Scorpio woman dating a Scorpio man. Cancer and Scorpio goes well together, they both are water signs.
Couple things about Scorpio in general, 1 we don't waste time. If he just wanted sex he wouldn't put the time and attention into you because honestly he would probably rather be by himself wondering why the sky is blue. Scorpios are thinkers the masterminds of the universe. Dont get me wrong we are scorpions and will seek prey, its in our nature. We don't love easy but we love hard.
A Scorpio man can just about have any woman he chooses to..its in his eyes. So when he chooses to give you that time and especially the attention you know he is interested. Scorpions don't know artificial or shades of gray. Either it is or its not. Its black or white to us.
We are secretive. You or anyone else will ever reach the depth of a Scorpio man. Let alone any Scorpio at that. The fact that he has introduced you to his world outside of you should let you know he is definitely into you, WHO he introduced you as should be important(but that's a different subject LOL) one thing about a Scorpio is that literally our actions speaks louder than our words. If he just wanted sex then either A. He would have been got it. Or B. He would have been left you by now. Too many more out there giving it up. But I commend you for having boundaries.
Remember every man has a plan as well as every Scorpio has a motive behind that plan. Whether or not man's plan is to sleep with you or marry you he has a plan. A Scorpio man though strategically calculates every moment in his life.
Age plays a major role in maturity when it comes to dating and relationships. Mind you I'm speaking on real life experiences and knowledge and research I've accumulated over the years. I will be 27 this year and the Scorpio Guy I'm involved with will be 36 this year.
Now let me briefly tell you my life with my Scorpio man.. we are not in a relationship but we have been seeing eachother for the past 9mths. This man had made an impact on my life like none other. Intriguing, energetic, gentle, and I could go on and on giving good qualities of this man. Its not hard for me to understand him cause he's so much like me. I don't have to question because with him I just know. And even when I have to question I just know(might be a Scorpio thing LOL) basically I'm trying to say follow that woman intuition that you naturally possession. And maybe his intuition is ringing with him too. I don't know if all men's intuition is even half of a wonans but I do know a Scorpios intuition is like the antennas of our brain LOL
With any man whether a Scorpio or an Aries. If he is really interested in being your man, he will profess his love to you and his friends/family he will provide for you(I don't mean take care of you) and he will protect you.. doing all this willingly wholeheartedly. © [email protected]

Pamela M. Chuney
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