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Is Mesothelioma Cancer Treatable?

Mesothelioma causes, treatment and diagnosis discussion

Is Mesothelioma Cancer Treatable?

Postby Gardner » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:47 pm

Read http://mesothelioma.eu.pn

It explains some possible treatments for mesothelioma.
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Is Mesothelioma Cancer Treatable?

Postby Clemmie » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:50 pm

Sadly no. You can only prolong life at different stages. I have lost 3 relatives to this disease and it's a difficult process to go through. None survived over 2 years once diagnosed, but that was decades ago.
Here is some information that will give you a better understanding of how the disease progresses so that you know what to expect. Plus you may wish to contact a mesothelioma lawyer to see if you have a right to be compensated. There may even be a class-action suit under way so it's important to look into.

My thoughts are with you!

The way that mesothelioma develops is similar to other types of cancer. Mesothelioma stages can take several years until the final stage is reached. The final stages of mesothelioma are very hard to treat and will require enormous amounts of drugs and attention for the patient. Because it starts to spread to other organs, mesothelioma in its' final stages needs to be treated in many different ways according to body organs it has spread to.

Mesothelioma Stages

Malignant, pleural or peritoneal mesothelioma develops through the same four stages, as follows:

First stage of mesothelioma? only one part of the pleura is affected and the possibility that it has spread as far as the lung, pericardium (the fluid in the sac that surrounds the heart) and diaphragm exists.

Second stage of mesothelioma ? from the pleura, mesothelioma has spread to one side of the lung, attacking lymph nodes on the same side. Further spreading in the pericardium, lung and diaphragm is also possible

Third stage of mesothelioma? mesothelioma has spread to the heart, chest wall, ribs, muscles, esophagus and other organs on the same side of the body.

Fourth stage of mesothelioma? mesothelioma has reached the blood stream and is now able to create metastasis. This is the final stage of mesothelioma.

It has to be mentioned that mesothelioma symptoms may appear only after the first stage has been completed, thus enabling the cancer to spread without notice.

In order to stop the rapid development of mesothelioma stages and symptoms, doctors use a wide variety of treatment methods, including strong chemotherapy drugs and radical surgical procedures. All this is usually able to only slow mesothelioma cancer down for a while, right before it reaches the fourth and final stage of development, the disease starts to speed development and when it reaches the blood stream it cannot be contained anymore.

Through the development of mesothelioma, each stage comes with further development of the symptoms too. They get worse and worse, and the patient requires more symptomatic relievers and painkillers. Mesothelioma doctors started to use new and radical treatment methods with great success, meaning that in some cases the disease was actually stopped for a short period of time, effectiveness that wasn't achieved by any kind of drug or treatment before.
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Is Mesothelioma Cancer Treatable?

Postby Alister » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:52 pm

It depends. Generally if it is asbestos related it usually too late by the time the symptoms arise. However, modern treatments can prolong life far beyond what could be done 10 years ago. :-)
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