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Is It Possible That I Have Bladder Cancer?

All discussions relating to bladder cancer symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis

Is It Possible That I Have Bladder Cancer?

Postby Lynford » Wed Apr 02, 2014 7:35 am

im 20 years old, female.
i've had my first urinary tract infection when i was a kid (around 9-10 years old). i remember having a high fever and blood in my urine (but only just a little). it was sooo painful whenever i pass my urine. then after that i've had it again when i moved to europe. i always have a UTI and now i think i have it again. the reason why is because of these:
i recently saw a blood in my pee and i thought it was just my period. so i checked and to my surprise it wasnt. i ignored it because you can barely see the blood. the next time i peed there were no blood so i thought 'okay, that was weird. im glad its not something serious' then the next time i peed again. there were more blood. my pee literally changed its color. i was worried because it might be something very serious. i wanted to go to the doctor but the clinic is closed so i have to wait till tomorrow. i just want to ask if anyone knows if this is just urinary tract infection or something more serious (bladder cancer).
anyway. i peed again yesterday and there were more blood. i dont feel pain when i pee. But not always. sometimes i feel a burning sensation during and after i pee. and i always have a constant urge to pee. i also have a hard time holding my pee. i always need to run and pee even though its just a little.

i have a habit of holding my pee for too long so maybe its from this habit thats why i have these problems.

So yeah to sum it up, i'll make a list of the symptoms i am having:
1. constant urge to pee
2. hard time holding the pee (i sometimes pee in my underwear because its really hard to hold it back)
3. blood in the urine (not always)
4. burning sensation during and after urine (not always)
5. pain in the right side of my stomach (not that much, i can endure the pain and its not always)
so yeah, is this just UTI or bladder cancer? i've read the symptoms of bladder cancer and UTI and its very similar so im kind of confused.
thank you in advance
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Is It Possible That I Have Bladder Cancer?

Postby Devries » Tue Apr 08, 2014 7:29 am

Typical people that get bladder cancer: over 50 with a smoking history.
You have a history of UTI's and you are only 20.
It is most likely hemorrhagic cystitis (blood in the urine from infection).
Please seek treatment.
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Is It Possible That I Have Bladder Cancer?

Postby Calbert » Sat Apr 12, 2014 7:15 am

Definately a UTI.
It could have even gone into your kidneys but there's no way to know without seeing a doctor. I doubt it's bladder cancer.
Go get checked out and put your mind at ease. :)
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