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Is E6000 glue bad for u?

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Is E6000 glue bad for u?

Postby kalvin21 » Wed May 16, 2012 7:01 pm

So im going to start making & selling phone cases which will involve spending
Hours gluing & making the cases... Ive decided to use E6000 since many people rate it the best
But as i was reading the reviews alot of people said the fumes were toxic

So now im alittle iffy about using it... Do you guys think the glue is harmful enough to cause any type
Of harmful ilness in the long run like cancer or other stuff?? I mean ofcourse i would most likley have windows & the fan on while doing this but is it really that harmful???

Thanksss it would be helpful only if uve used or use the product on an everyday basis thanks
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Is E6000 glue bad for u?

Postby gower » Wed May 16, 2012 7:07 pm

I checked one of the reviews and there were 14 and all were good. They did mention you should use it in a ventilated area.
This is one of them I thought you should check on further and also if you are still hesitant about using it, put "e6000 glue review" in your search and check out the ones that come up.

Pros: Price, Quality, VersatileCons: toxic fumes"the full warning can be found at
despite this, I will purchase anyway because it appears to be the best all-purpose glue around. I will use next to my open window and have a fan blowing the fumes out."
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