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Is Bone Cancer Curable?

Discussions relating to bone cancer symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and prognosis

Is Bone Cancer Curable?

Postby Ruff » Wed Sep 13, 2017 12:51 pm

You have not specified the stage.

Modern medicine doctors go by symptomatic treatment wherein affected area/part is removed by surgery. Radiation & Chemotherapy is given to kill cells. This may prove to be effective in Stage I. Stage II onwards chances of success with this line of treatment are reduces. In any case, modern medicine doctors never use word "cure", but a word "remission" is used.

There is also no established cure in Ayurvedic treatment. However, as Ayurvedic approach is to treat the root cause, one may consider approaching a good Ayurvedic Doctor for treatment.

One word of caution should be borne in mind vis-a-vis Ayurvedic or any other line of treatment is never fall pray to tall and false claims made by some of the doctors about discovery of cure for cancer.

Always hope for the best. All the best.
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Is Bone Cancer Curable?

Postby Eyanosa » Wed Sep 13, 2017 1:29 pm

You need to specify the type of cancer. Most cancers involving bone are cancer cells spread from a primary lung cancer, breast cancer, renal cancer, melanoma, and on and on. In all of those cases the bone involvement makes it stage IV which is not curable. If you are asking about a primary bone cancer such as an osteosarcoma, they can be cured if found early. Far more malignancies in bone are actually metastatic cancers from another primary cancer as above. Only a minority are actual cancers of bone which started in a bone - primary bone cancer.

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