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Im 13 Years Old And Really Depressed.. Help?!?

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Im 13 Years Old And Really Depressed.. Help?!?

Postby Dubv » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:41 pm

So here is what's going on. 7 or 8 years ago I was "molested" and I never told anybody so nobody knows really what is going on with me. So when I was 7 I realized what had actually happened to me and I have been having suicidal thoughts ever since. Then when I was 10 I started thinking what if I had some kind of STD or something, so I started research and reading alot about that kind of stuff and the answers I found weren't the ones I was looking for. It turns out, I might have HPV which I heard that in women, it can lead to cervical cancer but not in men so i'm not worried about it. But I noticed I have genital warts and all that stuff you don't want to have. So anyways, if I wanted to get it treated, I would have to tell my parents I was "molested" when I was 4 or 5 or 6 which I really don't want to do. Does this mean I have to die a virgin, or I can never have my own family some day? So lately I have become homeschooled also which has put a big dent in my social life but I won't be homeschooled for much longer but just being in the house all day also makes me depressed. I am basically with my family 24/7 but I still don't feel close to any of them. I have become obsessed with my weight and I know i'm not overweight but i'm still like 4 pounds away from an exact average weight which for some reason, really bothers me. I really suck at school basically which is why im being homeschooled. I have been cheating on math tests since third grade. I'm not just talking about copying your friends paper, I mean hacking the schools computer and checking all the answers. I still do it even now that i'm homeschooled. Basically I have no friends anymore, I don't know anyone, barely even my own family.. My mom is always started fights with my for no reason almost like shes trying to provoke me and it works on me every time and she tells my dad and then they both gang up on me when I didn't do anything. Nobody knows how depressed I really am because I try to hide it. One time, I actually was about to kill myself but I became to scared of the pain and stopped. Sometimes I hope that the disease I have is worse then I think so that I can die by simply doing nothing about it instead of actually murdering myself. Anyway, please, if anyone has advice, I would be glad if you posted it. Thank you.
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Im 13 Years Old And Really Depressed.. Help?!?

Postby Weayaya » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:48 pm

first Im really sorry that happened to you and id probably tell your parents about the whole molesting thing that happened. I know that talking to my parents about anything personal is the hardest thing but i would still tell them. i mean if u do tell them and you have HPV or whatever you can treat it and youll be ok.

And with the homeschool thing i feel the exact same way, early this year i was taken out of school cuz i started missing too many days and my parents that i was gonna fail. Ive been cooped up in my house the time now and i get in fights with my parent at least twice a day. But i convinced my parents to put me back in school next semester. But for you id try to avoid as many fights as possible and maybe convince them to let you join some homeschool groups so that your social life wont be totally gone.

I hope that helped.
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Im 13 Years Old And Really Depressed.. Help?!?

Postby Brooksone » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:50 pm

First, do not even think of approximately killing your self. this is going to in user-friendly terms make your mom sadder. you have a great existence beforehand of you and there is not any use dropping it. you will meet somebody great and that they are going to love you for you. i'm 13 too so i'm guessing you're in 8th grade too remember that there is not any way you will possibly be homeschooled for college, so which you truly in user-friendly terms have 4 extra years left of being homeschooled. till then, my suggestion is to maintain a mag and write approximately all your thoughts and problems. when you write each little thing you sense, bypass back and study your entries lower back and check out them from a distinctive attitude and take a check out and picture of any answer you may locate to the themes. additionally, i think of that in case you weren't homeschooled anymore and commenced going to college you will benefit extra friends. yet do not commence getting suspicious of their actual intentions, in the event that they supply the impact of being great they probobly are. Invite them on your place or to the action pictures and in basic terms enable unfastened and have a exciting time. tell your mom which you adore her lots yet you in basic terms truly need to bypass to a real college extremely of being homeschooled. If money is tight furnish to locate a job. commence babysitting or look for interest openings that's what i'm doing splendid now. in basic terms remember. Killing your self may be the worst available concern which you may do via fact i understand for a actuality that a lot of human beings love you dearly and could be harm in case you have been long gone.
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Im 13 Years Old And Really Depressed.. Help?!?

Postby Orval » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:53 pm

i would say tell your parents. I was/am in your exact situation actually. I never told my parents, but they know about 1 specific time.
If you want to be sure and be tested for certian STD's and such then i think telling them is best since you are young.

Suicide is never a good solution no matter how bad it is.

I have depression, no friends, i quit school and got my GED, i stay in my room all day everyday. If you would like to talk about things in private just add me or email me.
[email protected]

I hope this helped a little..
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Im 13 Years Old And Really Depressed.. Help?!?

Postby Evoy » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:55 pm

I'm not a doctor, but i think that seeing one wouldn't hurt you. Going to a doctor and seeing if there is anything you can do to help in in every situation couldn't hurt. Yes, there is the parental problem, but what has happened is past, and we need to find ways to have the best future. What wrong is telling them going to do?

As far as friends and school go, I have been home schooled most of my life, it doesn't always work for everyone. Yes, I do admit, I have cheated in the past, we all do it at some point. But I haven't in a really long time. I just think about the fact that some day I want to be able to get into a good college and make a name for myself. And I can't do that if I don't know what im doing. I think about my goals in life, and it all seems to work out. Im sure it will for you too.

I hope this helped in some way.
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