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If Stem Cells One Day Help People With Certain Diseases?

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If Stem Cells One Day Help People With Certain Diseases?

Postby Holbrook » Wed Sep 27, 2017 7:52 am

I wonder if the poster above is also against IVF.

The above post basically sumarrized the issue.
But what they failed to explain is that embryonic stem cell research is only using the trash pile created by IVF, a trash pile of embryos that will be incinerated if nothing else is done with them as biowaste.
IVF is a socially acceptable procedure that most people do not scream murder over.
Why the double standard??

Also, technically, hormonal birth control can cause the same result, but most people fight to make sure women have access to it.
Some religious groups are against it, but they usually do not fight to keep other people from using it.

I think most people against embryonic stem cell research envision late term abortions and babies being ripped apart limb by limb.
When in reality, the embryos used have less cells than the number of skin cells you shed in a single minute.
The embryos have no organ formation, no brain, no cns, no consciousness.
By the time an abortion happens, even an early one, it is too late to get embryonic stem cells.
They embryos used are only a few days old.

Most people are not against adult stem cells, which can be obtained from bone marrow, the circulating blood, cord blood, skin, teeth, fat, etc.
However, their uses are limited.
Adult stem cells have actually been researched a lot longer than embryonic -over 100 years.
After all that time, there is only 1 publically available stem cell treatment, and several in clinical trials.
The one that is publically available is a bone marrow transplant, (it can be used to treat something close to 200 different diseases), which still has a near 50% mortality rate.
They can induce adult stem cells to be like embryonic, but that has proven just as unreliable in the lab as embryonic stem cells are, with current knowledge and technology.
It will take a LONG time to see any treatments with embryonic stem cells or adult stem cells induced to behave like embryonic stem cells.

Interesting comment in the end of the above post.
God murdered his own son for the lowly people here on earth.
At what point does the life of a group of humans become the excuse for the murder of other humans?
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