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If I Do Not Excell Or Enjoy Biology At High School Should I Rethink Becoming A Surgeon?

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If I Do Not Excell Or Enjoy Biology At High School Should I Rethink Becoming A Surgeon?

Postby Claec » Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:35 pm

If I do not excell or enjoy biology at high school should I rethink becoming a surgeon?

I absolutely LOVE physics and chemistry so far but biology is a challenge for me to understand and memorise. We are learning about cells and I am struggling to keep up. I have wanted to become a surgeon for a long time but should I consider something else?

How much is medicine based around biology?

Thanks :)
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If I Do Not Excell Or Enjoy Biology At High School Should I Rethink Becoming A Surgeon?

Postby Bour » Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:37 pm

Medical school requirements usually include:

two semesters of general chemistry that includes lab

two semesters of organic chemistry that includes lab

two semesters of biology that includes lab

two semesters of physics that includes lab

two semesters of English

In addition, you'll VERY likely be taking anatomy, physiology, more biology, etc.

While being good at chemistry is a big plus, lets face it. Surgeons work on the human body. They study of the human body, at least the physical side, is going to be very heavy in basic biology topics, using what you learn in core bio as a foundation for much more complex systems.

To summarize, biology=the study of life. As a surgeon, your expertise must be in that life.

I'm not saying give up on your dreams. A struggle is a part of life, and many people who struggle grow much more than those who do not.
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If I Do Not Excell Or Enjoy Biology At High School Should I Rethink Becoming A Surgeon?

Postby Kerry » Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:40 pm

If you did not excel, that's fine. Biology is simply work ethic as opposed to innate comprehension and analytical skills that Physics and Chemistry would require. If you want to get good grades in Biology, it's ALL about rote memorization. No one is "good" at Biology unless you have photographic memory which really none of us have. However, if you don't enjoy Biology, that's a different problem alltogether. Taking pre-med classes in college means taking a huge load of Biology classes and studying the subject rigorously for MCAT. But, don't count them out as boring yet. It's not the typical basic punnet square and learn the cell organelles type classes. More advanced and at my university, they offered Bio classes ranging from Cancer Biology to Anatomy to Immunology. Get's more interesting, although I would emphasize that it remains to be heavy memorization. When I got to med school, it's even MORE memorization. The biology you learn in high school and even in basic college courses you won't use in med school. But there are a variety of advanced bio courses you still have to take in the first 2 years of med school incl. Histology, Anatomy, Genetics, Neuroscience, and etc. although they are way more clinical and hands-on based.

Whether or not you can excel in not only Biology, but the other science courses at college is what weeds people out of pre-med. Most people change their minds in college because they can't get that 3.6-4.0. Then almost half the people that DO apply with the best grades and medical/research experience don't get in anywhere. It gets harder every year to get in. Getting into med school is all about extreme work ethic and long hours of adderal ridden, coffee hopped up studying and volunteering. If you don't have the patience to sit down and write study guides, reread lecture notes, read the textbook chapters, or etc. for hours to memorize bio concepts, then you probably won't get into med school and will change your path freshman year.
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