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I Want To Get Out Of This Hell.. What Could Be My Problem ?

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I Want To Get Out Of This Hell.. What Could Be My Problem ?

Postby Roselyn » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:13 pm

I am 27 years male. Previously i was very very active in sex. I was getting arosed even just looking at the clothes of women.

One day i do excess masterbation. i usually do it. but this is the first time i am facing this kind of issue. Next day i saw 2 drops of blood in urine. I was scared.

From that day i am depressed. I lost hope.

But when i tried to test my sex drive by looking and comming close to any good girl . i am not at all getting any intrest in sex.

Even after 3 months. There is no sign of intrest in sex.

What had happened to me . I am totally lost.. :(

I am not worring about blood etc..

But i am mostly worring about why even after 3 months. I am not getting any intrest in sex. and not getting any fantacy of sex..

Even if i tried to test my sex function. I am not at all getting aroused by thinking and seeing sexual parts of wome.

Even if i get the chance of down blowse. i am not getting intrest at all .

Usually before this incident, my eyes used to slipped automatically on women breast with some attraction. But now my eyes are not at all falling on breasts even if the girl is beautiful.

Previously When ever i saw news paper full of semi nacked girls some kind of attraction zooms in my mind. But now when i look at the paper containing nacked girls even without intention, iam not feeling that kind of unknown attraction.

My Thoughts:

My thoughts which are making me worry is.

Is it possible that there is some small vein related to sex attraction has been broken inside my brain or spinal cord or nervous system or lower abdomain or testis or pennis or prostrate etc etc and due to that i am

not getting sex intrest..

Or is there any thing happens in my brain due to some vein damage and that leads to change my sexual orientation ? like have i become asexual ??

Please tell me the answer.

Is this common for any young guy of my age to lost this much of intrest for days...

What will be the cause ?

Am i become abnormal ?
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I Want To Get Out Of This Hell.. What Could Be My Problem ?

Postby burdett7 » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:15 pm

First you must introspect yourself what kind of sex you are interested. After getting the answer you should try to achieve it.
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I Want To Get Out Of This Hell.. What Could Be My Problem ?

Postby Clarey » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:18 pm

Maybe if you go and take English classes you will have a better quality of life
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I Want To Get Out Of This Hell.. What Could Be My Problem ?

Postby Darvell » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:21 pm

all those people who say that masturbation is good for health are absolutely fake?. if u r asking this or the question comes in ur mind that masturbation is good for me or not this itself is a sign that its not good for u ..for example..when u help a person say a beggar , u don?t have to ask anyone that whether it was a good task or not because u know from inside that it is good?..remember everything has a price..if u want to buy something u have to pay for it..when u masturbate u pay the price of your body..let me make it clear..whenevr u masturbate u loose a vital part of your body energy???..our semen is just not simply a liquid as it can produce a whole new human being..
so then it must be very precious and it is ..many of you would raise the question why doesent that happen in the intercourse...? it is because during the intercourse p***s absorbs some secretions from the female v***NA which compensates the loss...almost all the people who masturbate feel guilty deep down inside..though some of them pretend they dont...some of the harmful effects of masturbation on mind are...1 u lose ur glow 2 u get depressed easily 3 u loose confidence 4 affects ur social life 5 affects ur work..lowers ur self esteem...i have experienced these symptoms and therefore am writing them..many of us resolve to not to masturbate but again we end up doin it?..its harmful effects on body are..your bones become weak..(although u may look fyn from outside) ..ur face looses its natural glow..u dont feel very energetic..and many more...and u may have problems like premature ejaculation and infertility which wil affect u in ur future life so i would advice all the guys to stop masturbating it ruins our lyf ..try not doing it for a month and u wil feel a new energy running through ur body u will feel confident and wil be at peace with urself...dont think that u dont want to masturbate ..dont think about this thing....read some good books watch inspiring videos ..not doing it will give u great confidence?and don?t believe on those people who say its healthy..(remember everything has a price) ?don?t do anything because of which u feel ashamed later?now no need to worry if u hav been doing it .. am telin some tips to quit it..wenevr u feel to do it listen to ur favorite songs itz the best method to divert ur mind from it..involve urself in some physical activity?clean up ur room..and u can find many more measures? hope this article helps u people and clears ur doubts..regarding this topic...
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I Want To Get Out Of This Hell.. What Could Be My Problem ?

Postby Montaro » Sun Oct 08, 2017 5:25 pm

Relax , no vein has ruputured anywhere in ur body...just chill....ANYTHING in excess is not good, so this is the problem with u ..........plz try to concentrate on ur work/studies & do not let ur mind wonder anywhere, then all will fall in correct place....

---u r perfectly NORMAL .....

plz meditate as it helps to build mental power...& plz let me know after 15-20 days as this will take its time.........
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