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I Need Guy Tips For Girls :))?

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I Need Guy Tips For Girls :))?

Postby rye71 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:43 am

Yeah, you will need to chill out, be yourself. When she comes over, say hi and give her a nice hug, not to long. You don't want to make her feel uncomfortable. Smile. Ask her how she's doing.

Show her your house, maybe introduce her to your family, whatever. Then you can show her that rabid rabbit of yours, whatever, sure! If she says something like: "Oh, he's so adorable! How you doin', little fella?", tell her she's adorable, too. Make it sound nice, not creepy.

If she turns around and looks at you, saying something like: "Oh you're so sweet!"

proceed as follows:

Put on a smile, but only showing your upper teeth. This is important.

Then look at her from the corner of your eyes and make a very kinda surpressed, snickering sound. Imagine you are a ventriloquist. There!

If she starts to give you a confused look, you did it just right. Now caferully take her hand and nibble on the tip of her index finger (whichever hand). Make a rabbit face and go: "Nung nung nung!"

Just nibbling softly, you don't want to bite her or anything.

Now comes the tricky part. Have your middle fingers touch the base of your thumb, this can be a little tough to manage (practice). Then rest your hands under your armpits, stretch out your elbows and prostrate a little, leaning forward, but keeping your face straight and looking right at her. Now, make that rabbit sound again, this time as loud as you can: "NUNG, NUNG, NUUUNG!!" (etc.)

If done right, she will be either in love with you instantly or quite the opposite and run away.

Good luck!
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