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I Need Advice. Cancer :(?

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I Need Advice. Cancer :(?

Postby Lugaidh » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:24 am

My 56 year old mother had a colonoscopy yesterday and they found a one in "mass" in her ascending colon near her small intestines. I am in complete shock and disbelief. They sent her to do more tests like a cat scan and biopsy but those results won't come back until next week.

I am 18 years old and about to start college and I am not ready for this to happen to anyone in my family. I love my mom so much. Today I was talking to my parents and I burst out uncontrollably into tears which causes my mom to cry. I can't take this and I feel so horrible that I got her upset. My parents are very optimistic and aren't getting worried because the doctors haven't even said what anything was yet.

Today I left work early because I couldn't pretend like nothing was happening. How am I supposed to go on with daily life while I await what seems to be horrible news? Tomorrow I am going into the city with my friends and I am scared that I will get upset and won't want to be there once I'm there. My parents don't want me talking about this with people so I can't even tell them why I am upset.

I wish it was me who was sick instead of my mom. I love her so much and the possibility of her being sick makes me think that I couldn't go on with life any longer. All of my future goals and dreams have fallen apart in a matter of 48 hours.

I need help getting through this week. How can I stop worrying? I am on the verge of tears literally every minute. I almost got into an accident while crying in the car today because the tears skewed my vision. Please help.
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I Need Advice. Cancer :(?

Postby Azaria » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:25 am

I understand how you could be so upset.
Cancer is a very scary thing.
I think it's even more frightening when it happens to someone you love.

But your mom has not been diagnosed with cancer at this point.
Yes, the waiting is terrible. I know. I've had breast cancer twice.
But this may be a non issue.

You'll get though it because you know that even it she does have cancer, colon cancer has a great survival rate.
In fact, it has one of the best survival rates.
My good friend at work had his removed by surgery and he's been fine.
The same applies to my sister in law's mom.
Neither have had a reccurence and both are cancer free now.
Hold on to all that is positive.

You will still be upset until you hear the results but please, whatever you do, pull over if you start to cry while driving.
Your mother would be devastated if anything happened to you.

It's a very emotional time for all of you.
But you sound like you have a very close,loving family and that won't change.

If it's ok with you I'd like to pray for your mom's health.
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I Need Advice. Cancer :(?

Postby flannan » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:29 am

@denisedd- She did have the biopsy during the colonoscopy but the results weren't immediate and based on what I've read online I don't think they're supposed to be immediate(?) I am just confused as to why both of you have almost opposite viewpoints to this. Why is one person telling me this is a small tumor considering it is in the ascending colon and why are you telling me it is a decent sized tumor?
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I Need Advice. Cancer :(?

Postby Janie » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:36 am

One inch is about 2.5 cm which is very small for a tumor of the ascending colon.

The only significance of the location is that these are the most difficult to find.

Why did she have a colonoscopy ? Just screening ?

She is very lucky she found something this small.

IF it is an adenocarcinoma, she should do very well.

A lesion this small may not have spread to lymph nodes.

She could be cured with surgery.

Try not to freak out until you know what exactly she is dealing with.

How to make you stop worrying ? No one can answer that.

Teens seem so hysterical these days.
We can't fix that.

I would be optimistic if this were my mother.
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I Need Advice. Cancer :(?

Postby Shelby » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:39 am

She should have had the biopsy when she had the colonoscopy and the doctor who did it should have told her what it was. Either way she is going to need surgery.

There are actually more than 3 sections to the colon, but cancer in the right colon tends to be more dangerous because usually by the time they cause symptoms they are usually advanced, other than that it makes no difference.

The fact that you are using the word mass, not polyp, the size and she is having a CT tells me it is likely cancer. A tumor an inch long is a decent size, but does not indicate the depth of invasion which is the important part.

I wouldn?t worry too much. People have this surgery everyday and that is all that is needed. It certainly should not cause your goals and dreams to fall apart.

EDIT: I think our opinions differ on the size because Spree only sees advanced cases that need chemo and advanced ascending colon cancer usually get much larger before they cause symptoms, this is what makes them so dangerous and why people need screening colonoscopies.
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I Need Advice. Cancer :(?

Postby Ahishar » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:45 am

I agree with wiley and also the number one cure according to Dr. Coldwell is a reduction in stress! So make sure they dont have stress!
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I Need Advice. Cancer :(?

Postby Rolf » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:50 am

@Spreedog- thank you so much for your response. It really helped me feel better. She tells me that she was having a few symptoms but didn't really go into detail. I am just confused because I read that symptoms don't show up until very late stages of the cancer, and even later stages if there is a tumor in the ascending colon.
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I Need Advice. Cancer :(?

Postby Ryder » Sun Oct 01, 2017 3:02 am

Hi! I recomend you check out this book ASAP! "Natural Cures They Dont Want you to know about" by kevin Trudeau!

This man in my opinion is a genius for exposing the FDA/Government and the corruption! Look, Their is a cure for cancer [NOT CHEMO THERAPY nor ANY TYPE OF DRUGS or SURGER] Drugs and surgery dont cure cancer,! You must know that! Drugs only surpress the symptoms and cause the body to do un-natural things!! So ChemoTherapy is potentially the killer and actually bad! So why do the doctors still use it? Well just to make money thats all! Think about it, if they gave away the actual cure for cancer, they wouldnt be able to make money anymore! Because the cure is NOT EXPENSIVE as DRUGS! So here is the point, they dont look to cure the patient, they just want to treat the disease and just make money off of chemotherapy and drugs! They dont care about ur health! They are selfish!!!! So YES ! Their is a cure on cancer, do research!!! But make sure its a natural cure not having to do with drugs, because drugs will not work (according to Kevins book and to other research made)

So please i recomend you check this out! And i do want you to know that THEY ONLY WANT TO MAKE MONEY!!!!! So again if this cure for cancer is released, they wouldnt need the american cancer society anymore, they wouldnt need funds for research etc: , they would not be able to make money off of chemo/drugs/radiation/PET SCANS/ etc:::: so ofcourse they arent going to give u the cure! But I KNOW FOR A FACT IT IS OUT THEIR AND I HOPE YOU CHECK IT OUT!!!

If you want to check my videos out on youtube! I talk more greatly about this, go to www.youtube.com/brodcaster24

At the end no matter what you do, i hope everything is GOOD!
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