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I'm experiencing "flashes" in my peripheral vision. How serious do you think it is?

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I'm experiencing "flashes" in my peripheral vision. How serious do you think it is?

Postby garet » Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:35 pm

This started around 4 days ago. I saw a flash of light (not very bright or anything) out of the corner of my left eye. I didn't think it was anything to worry about at first, but it happened again, and I became more conscious about it. What I noticed was that I felt like something inside my eye was having a spasm while the flash occurred for a couple of seconds. So I waited longer and observed. Nothing happened on the third day, and I tested my vision as best as I could, without seeing any change so far. It's the fourth day now, and now I've started to feel some "tension" and discomfort in my left eye. My vision is still normal, but I'm pretty worried. I've noticed that it occurs during the night time mostly, so this has got me worried that there might be a nocturnal parasite, eating my eye away. I have not changed my "viewing" habits, but I do realise now, that I should probably drink more water. Nonetheless, I am very worried that it could be either of the worst case things which are a detaching retina, a parasite or a brain tumor. I know that I may sound a little paranoid, but right now, I live in a very isolated location with regards to professional eye-care, and getting treatment in one of the worst case scenarios might mean a 4 hour drive.
The key points are:

2 second flashes which aren't bright in peripheral vision of left eye anywhere from 0 - 5 times a day,

A spasm feeling in eye when these flashes occur,

A slight pain and tensed feeling in the left eye today,

No change in vision or the amount of floaters I see

On vacation currently 3 months in, no stress factors.

Possibly inadequate intake of water.

Far from proper healthcare, third world country.

Sedentary lifestyle, mostly indoors.

These are all the details I think are relevant to my current problem. The flashes have become less frequent, but now I have a slight pain in my left eye, so I'm starting to get really worried. Any help other than "Get to a certified doctor/optometrist" would be appreciated! Also, if this is a migraine type thing, how many more days will this go on for? I'm only 17, and while lacking a high amount of physical fitness, still healthy. I really don't see why this problem would just appear all of a sudden. No medication whatsoever. Eating healthily (Dieting for the past 7 months, but not starving myself) and just living as I normally have. This couldn't all be from a lack of water could it?
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I'm experiencing "flashes" in my peripheral vision. How serious do you think it is?

Postby fitzsimmons79 » Mon Mar 11, 2013 1:50 pm

I think you should've gone to Specsavers.
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