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I Just Found Out I Have High Risk Hpv?

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I Just Found Out I Have High Risk Hpv?

Postby dur14 » Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:01 pm

About 2 years ago I went for a pap and found out I had abnormal cells. My then Dr never mentioned anything about HPV. She said she just wanted to.watch the abnormal cell growth. I went back 6 months later and she said that it had spread a little to come back in 6 months for another pap. When it was time for me to.go back I didn't have any insurance so I couldn't afford it so I basically just put it out my mind. Now about two years after finding the precancerous cells I finally went back but to a new Dr cuz my old Dr didn't take my new insurance. Well I got my pap done about 3 weeks ago and the nurse called me ans told me that I tested positive for the high risk hpv which my other Dr never mentioned anything about. I go back in two weeks for a colpscopy and I'm scared I waited to long and have cervical cancer. Cervical cancer runs in my family! How likely is it that I could have cancer? I feel nasty for having HPV but I'be never been the type girl to sleep around. Any info would help.
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I Just Found Out I Have High Risk Hpv?

Postby stratford » Fri Sep 15, 2017 3:02 pm

Hey! I am going through exactly what you are (kind of) I will share with you what I know so far....

First of all...HPV is VERY common...it is estimated that up to 80% of sexually active people will have contracted HPV at some point before they are 50. There are 100 or so strands of HPV and only 40 are passed sexually....13 of that 40 are considered high risk...but HPV 16 and HPV 18 are responsible for 70% of cervical cancer. Even if there were no such thing as a Pap test and treatments, only 1 in 1000 women would get cervical cancer....Please do not feel gross for having HPV...my doctor told me to look at it as a virus....you can get hpv from many ways not just sexually...HPV often causes no issues but when it does it is in the form of abnormal cells on our cervix... You did not say how old you are but if you were under 30 2 years ago and are 30 now, they start testing for HPV when you turn 30..

I had a pap a month and a half ago that came back as LSIL (low grade abnormalities)....LSIL is associated with HPV usually high risk because 86% of women with LSIL have HPV....70% of those women have high risk hpv.....Since your doctor just wanted to wait and watch I will assume that your pap was LSIL or less as well...anything above LSIL usually calls for a colposcopy asap...however with Low grade changes and hpv they usually want you to have a colposcopy anyways...I go next week for a colposcopy....

Since I am assuming your abnormalities two years ago were mild I can pretty much tell you it is highly unlikely you have cervical cancer...if you did, your doctor would have gotten you a colposcopy asap rather than waiting two weeks...No a Pap test usually doesn't tell you if you ahve cancer BUT it would come back as CIS which is almost cancer...Cervical cancer is VERY slow growing in most women....I would say at worse you may have CIN 2/CIN 3 which is not cancer and can quickly be ressolved.....

Cervical cancer has nothing to do with heredity either...so put that out of your mind.....

I suggest you start taking a multivitamin folic acid and b12 to boost your immune system. You can reverse abnormal cells (they are called cervical dysplasia which means pre-cancer) by supressing the HPV....If you are not a healthy eater....start eating better...fresh veggies and fruits....granola....no fried foods....no caffiene....moderate your drinking and if you smoke STOP....these are the things my doctor suggested....Folic Acid is key in reversing cervical abnormalities.....

Try not to stress and get plenty of sleep...I am willing to bet things will be fine....but please stay on top of this this time...
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