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I can't stop moving my arms!?

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I can't stop moving my arms!?

Postby lothar88 » Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:01 am

OK so I'm 19 years old and when I'm not doing anything i just can stop moving my hands and arms. Usually i toss this tennis ball around and I'll do that for hours on end. I never used to do this when i was younger, it sorta started after i had surgery to get my thyroids removed.

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer when i was twelve plus i also had a tumor in my throat. I am now rid of the cancer and I now take thyroid medication. So does any of this have to do with why i can't stop moving my arms? I've heard of Restless Leg Syndrome, but can you get that in your arms too? Answers will be greatly appreciated!
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I can't stop moving my arms!?

Postby riddock » Tue Aug 09, 2011 8:02 am

.You may be magnesium deficient found in epsom salt, you can take a
1/2 tsp with lemon juice or vinegar to see if you feel more calm, more alert and less agitated).
Magnesium is a common deficiency and there is only an average of 10% in our soils
than there was a 100 years ago.
It is a common cause of ADD, bipolar, and even schizophrenia,
among other things like restless leg syndrome. I keep 'dr. guillam's magnesium calm' by the
leg to stop leg-jumping and even leg cramps in my husband. I also use it as a tranquilizer because it
allows me to be alert and clear-thinking at the same time, it improves both sleep and wakefulness.
We take cal/mag daily because it is harder to keep up illness than to keep up prevention.
Having been through 5 nervous breakdown, I can vouch for its value--no meds ever worked,
and I only every have problems now if MSG was in my food unknowingly.
Everyone usually needs about 400 mgs and day.
It needs to be taken with calcium (1800 mg of *absorbable for best calm and alertless)
The full B-vits also help--especially biotin and pantathentic acid,
but magnesium can't be replaced with anything.
Eating dark greens and almonds--foods containing it is great.
Magnesium also draws water to the intestines, so it prevents constipation (milk of magnesia? :)..)
Adjust your dose to just the right bowel movement, but gradually up it if it doesn't come to 400mg.
Cal/mag help prevent further cancers and other things because they help facilitate oxygen
absorption and no cancer can live in the presence of oxygen, as noted by a Nobel Prize winner for
this discovery.
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