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I Am A Smoker For Almost 2 Years But Already Quit For Almost 3 Mnths! Did It Cause Me For Being Hypochondriac?

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I Am A Smoker For Almost 2 Years But Already Quit For Almost 3 Mnths! Did It Cause Me For Being Hypochondriac?

Postby Baudoin » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:51 am

i am a young boy & only 20 years old & I am a SMOKER for almost 2 Years but now i already decided to QUIT for almost 3 Months & I never smoke cigarettes again........( the reason i quit smoking is because I experiencing nose bleed & panic attacks during the last days of my cigarettes smoking and i watch some video of bad effects of smoking & i am so freaking afraid of what might happen to my health ) but lately i had just experiencing a weird feeling that there's something stuck at my throat and i always have a chest pain....im so freaking afraid that i might have a throat or lung cancer........im so so afraid!!!!!!1 but the good thing is i feel o.k every morning but every night i experiencing some panic attacks specially when im thinking about some diseases of what might happen to me........pls HELP ME!!!!!!! how to get RID of this???? do you think something stuck in my throat & chest pains are part of WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS of QUITTING SMOKING??? & I always think of DISEASES can make me a HYPOCHONDRIAC PERSON?
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I Am A Smoker For Almost 2 Years But Already Quit For Almost 3 Mnths! Did It Cause Me For Being Hypochondriac?

Postby ToniBraxton » Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:56 am

It definitely could be, from all addicts, smokers have one of the softest mindsets, they fold for nearly everything(no offense, just calling it, as I see it), and it could be, to cover that up, your mind, just went into worry-mode, to give you something else to think off.

In part it's physical, because smoking blocks out a lot of normal endorphin(your normal calmness, that gets blocked by the nicotine) so you'll feel stressed when you quit smoking(technically you'll feel stressed within 5 mins after smoking, because it really messes up your brain-chemistry), and part dramatics thinking how badly smoking can mess you up, and projecting it onto your self.

Key thing is to not take yourself too seriously, and keep reasoning with yourself, you smoked for 2 years, so it's highly unlikely, you did any permanent damage, you just messed up your brain-chemistry for now(and when it rebalances, you'll be alright).
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I Am A Smoker For Almost 2 Years But Already Quit For Almost 3 Mnths! Did It Cause Me For Being Hypochondriac?

Postby Hohberht » Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:02 am

Try to calm down :) Before you start panicking, you should make an appointment with your doctor to get a check-up.
You may be experiencing more anxiety lately.
Please, however, do NOT try to provide a self-diagnosis and instead talk with a licensed physician (doctor).
You can tell him or her about your symptoms including chest pains and such.
If you currently have trouble breathing, please either call 9-1-1 or ask someone to drive you to the nearest emergency room.

I wanted to add that instead of being a "hypochondriac" or having symptoms of hypochondriasis, you may have symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder (ocd) which is an anxiety disorder.
The former is classified as a "somatoform" disorder.
A person with true hypochondriasis still believes that their symptoms mean that they have a real disease or illness despite medical evidence to the contrary.
Someone with ocd gets a "reassurance" from a doctor about symptoms and feels a sense of relief.

Regardless, please make an appointment with your family doctor and also a licensed therapist such as a licensed counselor, licensed-clinical social worker (LCSW) or licensed (clinical) psychologist - Ph.D. or Psy.D.

To help support having quit smoking, here is a government site that offers some tips: http://www.smokefree.gov/tools.aspx

You may be aware of Nicotine Anonymous, but it is a 12-step self-help program that may have some meetings in your locale (and the only requirement is having a desire to stop smoking): http://www.nicotine-anonymous.org

The local hospital(s) may have a Smoking Cessation program which should include journaling and cognitive-behavioral techniques.
One's health insurance might pay for partial or full services.

This site has more information about ocd (though not for self-diagnosis or self-treatment) including info re: (regarding) cognitive-behavioral therapy for those with ocd and medication which may or may not be necessary: http://www.ocfoundation.org
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