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How to naturally clean out your system of THC while pregnant?

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How to naturally clean out your system of THC while pregnant?

Postby maurice78 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:03 am

I'm not looking for your opinion on how smoking weed is bad while pregnant, I've heard it all already. I was a habitual smoker before I was pregnant doing it every day maybe 3 times per day. I'm now 18 weeks pregnant and I've been having quite a few slip ups here and there, i've tried to stop completely but by doing so just makes me anxious, stressed, and on edge. I will say I have slowed down and don't do it as often anymore. I really want to stop because I don't want CPS to take my baby away, so in an effort I'm quitting for the remainder of my pregnancy. I just want to know if there is any way to naturally detoxify my body of THC so I can have clean urine for a week from now? I've already had one urine test that came back positive for THC. I'm trying to avoid a second one, because I hate the lectures.
Or should I just take the test and let this be my second one to come back positive for THC since I'm going to be stopping anyways?
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How to naturally clean out your system of THC while pregnant?

Postby rique51 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:04 am

Hello there, I had a friend who smoked her entries pregnancy and had a healthy baby boy who is now 5 weeks old. Also I've had another friend smoke weed her pregnancy and has a heathly one year old girl.
Don't listen to people tell you that weed is bad, they have not done research on weed, they just believe whatever their told.
Weed had Is a natural component, it is literally grown from the ground so when people say yeah well they tell you not to smoke while your pregnant.. No sh*t you don't smoke Cigs while your pregnant because it is chemically made meaning the nicotine in it is bad for you, not the smoking part. Nicotine is what causes lung cancer and is what is addicting not the smoking part. Just like dip, dip has nicotine in it causing lip cancer. It is CHEMICALlY made. Weed is not chemically made like other drugs such as meth or cocaine. Weed is not addicting, some politics try to use the well weed is mentially addicting, well anything can be mentially addicting, a big addication people face now a days is food, especially fast food. Or you can be mentially addicted to a tv show, your husband/partner, your family , your friends literally anything can be mentially addicting.
They have done studies on weed for 30+ years and still have only found one thing bad from weed. If you smoke your whole life there is a .0001 % chance that you could get schophriza when your 80. They have also found that smoking too young is bad for the brain because it is a critally time for your brain to develop.
And actually they have found that weed smokers who smoke occasionally have had better breathing because they learn to breath with there entire lungs and take more deep breaths.
I think it's funny recently Anti- Weed Assembly Man Steve Katz got charged with possession. If I could attach the link I would but I'm on my phone. There's so many Anti weed politican speakers that get caught with weed but they try to push it under the rug so people will just believe what there told instead of using there brain and decideing for themselves.
People just believe what there told instead of actually spending time doing research in weed, before I smoked I was all anti weed, it's terrible for you blah blah blah. But I took the time to research weed and I was surprised at what I found out. People need to research both sides before makin up there minds.
Anywho, what you need to worry is the weed is now in your babies poop, and if you deliver at the hospital they randomly drug test the babies. The poop starts building up at 6 weeks, so you need to stop. Plus your doctors office will randomly test you as well.
Plus even though there have been NO studies done and NO proof that weed has caused birth defects in babies, I wouldn't take the chance. Just wait until your not pregnant then you can smoke again.
Best wishes.
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How to naturally clean out your system of THC while pregnant?

Postby uilleam » Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:11 am

what ??????

damage is done you dribbling idiot

why we dont sterilise people like you is beyond me

what right do you have to damage new life like that

be buggered if Ive been angrier this year


public forum sweetheart - you get what youre given

lol .. youre questioning the notion that a psycho active substance will damage an unborn foetus

read a few books sometimes clown

jesus .. the number of foodstuffs and substances that are recommended against whilst pregnant make a list longer than your arm

bottom line is this - do what you want to yourself but when you decide to create a new life your choices MUST be made primarily to benefit and not harm that life

soooo simple
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How to naturally clean out your system of THC while pregnant?

Postby garwyli4 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:28 am

Look everyone's got there own lives and I'm sure as hell not gunna tell you how to live yours and I just found out I'm pregnant and Im worried on all levels about my baby. But screw what everyone else thinks and says. Live your life and be you. Drink a whole lot of water and pee alot. I hope that helps even though it's not alot.
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How to naturally clean out your system of THC while pregnant?

Postby gace20 » Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:33 am

I know you don't want lectures but why would you be selfish enough to get pregnant when you are a drug addict. Your baby is doomed before they are even here. Not fair!!
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