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How to deal with my older brother and his 3 kids?

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How to deal with my older brother and his 3 kids?

Postby lyulf68 » Sun Nov 13, 2011 11:47 pm

My brother moved in with my parents and me. I live with my parents and i take care of them. I cook clean, take them to dr appointments and take care of their medications. My brother was kicked out by his ex wife and is going through a divorce. My mom is 76 with stage 4 colon cancer. And my father suffers from great depression. I get tried of allows having to clean up after my brother and kids. He always borrows things and never brings it back unless you get on him and it never is return in the same condition it's either dirty or missing things. and he has no money to replace it or fix it. What do I do? I don;t think it's fair to my parents for me to leave because my brother can't take care of them. He relies on my parents way to much. If I say something to him he gets all defensive and starts getting into my business of things I have worked out with my father things my brother doesn't know all about what is between my parents. Help what should I do?
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