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How often to take ferrets to vet?

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How often to take ferrets to vet?

Postby zed » Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:17 am

i have a 2 ferrets one is 2 the other is 1. and i wanted to know how often do i have to take them to the vet. i currently take them once a year but what age should i be taking them twice a year and labs and that kind of stuff. i have not had any labs done i take them them to the vet really soon i just wanted to know my ferrets are really what should i have done besides a check up when i go
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How often to take ferrets to vet?

Postby masselin » Wed Dec 11, 2013 8:19 am

Ferrets do not live near as long as dogs and cats. A 2 year old ferret is already considered middle aged and can exhibit symptoms of certain cancers and other medical problems of middle aged animals. They are considered elderly by 6, and the oldest one I ever saw was 10. The one year old can wait till its two if its rabies and ferret distemper vaccines are up to date (in other words, its already had its one year old checkup), but the two year old needs a full exam every 6 months and is overdue for bloodwork including an adrenal panel. Ferrets commonly suffer from adrenal and pancreatic tumors, and bloodwork is the easiest way to catch these problems early. They can also suffer from heart problems and swallowing foreign objects. They need yearly distemper vaccinations (with ferret distemper vaccine) and rabies vaccinations. They can catch the flu from humans, so do not get near them when you have the flu.
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