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How Often Should I Walk My Dogs?

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How Often Should I Walk My Dogs?

Postby queran » Mon Sep 22, 2014 5:04 am

and you, too...   This is going to depend in part on the physical fitness and energy level of the dogs. I'd be giving the two of them a good walk, once a day, in your position, given that you have healthy adult dogs. What I can't tell you is how far. Our two are BIG dogs, and she younger one gets substantial workouts--your smaller, shorter-legged dogs could get the same amount of workout in a shorter distance.   I'd be inclined to start with half a mile once a day, and see how they react. I'd be working to increase it, too, as one of the big advantages of having dogs is the enforced exercise. My spouse runs at least 2 miles with your younger dog at least 2-3 times a week.   Another alternative, if you have a place for it available, are places where you can take them to do stuff like play fetch off lead. That way, you can judge how tired they're getting, and don't get stuck out from home with worn out dogs.
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How Often Should I Walk My Dogs?

Postby Rafael » Mon Sep 22, 2014 5:24 am

You have a couple of adult dogs, so at least you are not dealing with puppy energy!  Nevertheless, they need the exercise the same way people do.  So, for the three of you, take a good brisk walk once a day and don't forget to add some playtime during the day sometime as well -- tossing balls, teaching them tricks, etc.    A couple of other notes -- if their coats appear to be rough, change  dog foods.  Whether coats are curly or straight, they should feel a bit soft and pleasant to the touch.  Also, make sure they have been checked for heartworm and keep them on a steady schedule of worming(our dogs get their heartworm pills the first day of each month, so it's easy to remember).   Enjoy them.  Dogs are great companions.  They have owners.  Cats have staff!
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