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How long can a cat survive with cancer (bone, i think)?

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How long can a cat survive with cancer (bone, i think)?

Postby coinneach92 » Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:52 pm

fyi- i will schedule a vet visit for him soon, so please don't suggest i take him to the vet. i'm just posting to hear your personal experiences. i think my 10 yr old cat has bone cancer. i'm not sure how long. i just felt a squishy thing on his back hind leg yesterday. this am, for the first time in his life (besides once when he was on a new med), he threw up. so i think he can be in the early stages. BUT, he had that same leg injured 7+yrs ago, and has always (at times) been "stiff" in that leg, and i always chalked it up to the injury. more recently, he has "cried" in pain 2 or 3 times when he twisted his leg or something. but again, i just chalked it up to the injury plus him being older, so i thought he was getting arthitus. plus, he was diagnosed with a mild case of hyper thyroid about 6 mths ago. here is my second question- the vet said the case was very mild. he is on the gel form of meds. the vet told me to click the pen type dispenser 2x- which i did for about 3 mths. then the vet told me that she just realized it was 2 full rotations for the right amt of meds- so i was serverly under medicating him for all this time. all through this he seemed fine (with the hperthyroidism). my question is, do you think the vet mis diagnosed my cat the first time? do you think he doesn't have hyperthyroid to begin with? should i go back to this vet? i know she did bloodwork and tested him for cancers, and she said none showed up (again about 6 mths ago).
anyway, if he does have cancer, i will not be amputating or do any form of chemo. it hurts to say that, but i just feel that is people putting more pain on animals and not what they would prob choose. anyway, i won't do it. how long do you think my cat will survive if he does have cancer (right now he is doing pretty good. he threw up once, he does have the lump and he is a bit thinner. going back to the hyperthyroid diagnoses- that is why i brought him to the vet to start with- he lost 2 lbs very quickly about 6 months ago. i don't think he has lost anymore)

Thanks! I know that was long!
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How long can a cat survive with cancer (bone, i think)?

Postby dunlop55 » Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:55 pm

A cat isn't that different from a person-- if cancer is early stage, they will live longer than if it is late stage. The type also matters too; some types are faster growing than others.

However, it sounds like you have absolutely no idea what is wrong with your cat... AND it sounds like your vet doesn't think that your cat even has cancer. My advice: find a new vet and let him/her figure out exactly what's wrong.
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How long can a cat survive with cancer (bone, i think)?

Postby thompson36 » Tue Sep 06, 2011 11:58 pm

I'm no vet, but if your cat does have "hyper" thyroidism, that could be the cause of the thinness/loss weight.
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