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How Is This Remotely The Mind Of An Egalitarian?

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How Is This Remotely The Mind Of An Egalitarian?

Postby Brennan » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:36 am

So last night I was talking with someone I had thought wasn't a feminist, but keep seeing her posting up in defence of feminism and attacking MRA's, ignoring the influence negative feminism has while condemning negative MRA's (who hold little to no influence over society/academia/politics/etc.)

Anyway, I made the point that women receive some 40x financial support for cancer research compared to men's cancers. I noted that a new test for cervical cancer would cost £15 and has been accepted (i.e. this will be supported by the NHS). Yet, the PSA test for men costs only £10 - and was declined on the basis that it was too expensive.

Similarly, when breast cancer month is upon us - we see endless reams of awareness campaigns and fund raising - yet, when prostate cancer month is upon us - we see very little.

Rather than addressing this point, she went on to justify why women should have all this extra money spent on them and even gave mention that the government is largely made up of men, not women - thus clearly implying it is men's fault that there is so little governmental support for men's cancers.

I pointed out she is ignoring the influence of feminist groups who demand the extra money - and she concurred that they do hold a lot of power (without acknowledging that she had ignored this).

At the end, she stated she does want more awareness for men's cancers and thinks we should have equality. Yet, all her words prior to that simply justified the extra money women get and blamed men (government).

How can someone legitimately believe they are promoting equality while justifying 40x more money for women only, justifying women only research (raceforlife) and blaming men while ignoring the influence of feminist groups who demand the biased research in women's favour?

I ask for some equality (male specific cancers kill in very similar numbers to female specific cancers), I'd like to see similar funding of men's cancers that women's cancers receive. I'd like to see similar awareness campaigns for men's cancers as is afforded to women's cancers, and so on.

But, according to this feminist, for me to ask for some equality so men's lives may be improved too - I am biased - yet her defending 40x more money on female specific cancer is somehow egalitarian.

Can anyone make sense of this?
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How Is This Remotely The Mind Of An Egalitarian?

Postby Ryn » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:38 am

She is dumb. But most men dont care.
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How Is This Remotely The Mind Of An Egalitarian?

Postby Kurt » Thu Apr 13, 2017 3:40 am

I've had similar Yahoo-mail conversations with mainstream feminists on GS.
And their concluding remarks always boil down to that they are glad that men's health is underfunded because this (somehow) makes up for perceived wrongs against women.

But then, people that embrace a bigoted ideology invariably find a long list of "reasons" why that ideology is really not bigoted.
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