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How Does Pharmaceutical Companies Made Drugs ?

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How Does Pharmaceutical Companies Made Drugs ?

Postby Boone » Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:05 pm

I more or less answered this here: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;...

Though that's a great level of detail. The basic steps involve finding the molecular basis of a disease, then finding a compound that alters that chemistry.

For example, when dealing with high blood pressure, there is a receptor in the body, that when active causes your blood pressure to go up. To stop this, a chemical compound that blocks this receptor is used. Since the receptor cannot be turned on, a person's blood pressure will not go up.

Very simplistic, but that's at the basis of it.

There's several ways to find a compound. If you have a lot of very advanced chemistry, and time, you can look at the molecular system and try to build a chemical from the ground up that changes it. Another way to do it, is to take a cell, grow them in a lot of small dishes, and try a very large number of random chemicals to see if one alters it.

As for why not use plants, a lot of drugs initially came from those, but screening those compounds is expensive and time consuming. They're hard to get out of plants in a pure solution. Also, these don't have just one substance in them, they have hundreds. Thousands, more sometimes. If you wanted to make drug that lowered blood pressure, would it do you any good to use a plant that also had chemicals that increased blood pressure? A lot of the substances do nothing, a lot of them have problems. A lot of them people just flat out don't know about - there's only so many people out there testing them, and it's -very- expensive to test.

Sometimes, there's not enough of a chemical in a plant. A good example is a cancer drug called Taxol. It comes from a tree called the Pacific Yew. But there's so little in there, that to gather enough to test it in humans they would've needed to cut down about fifty thousand trees. That obviously wouldn't work.

Oh, and natural news is an -incredibly- loony site. And subject to a corollary of Scopie's Law.
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How Does Pharmaceutical Companies Made Drugs ?

Postby ulfger » Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:08 pm

Using plants/herbs is not cost effective. Why, if the economy is failing, is walgreens opening dozens and dozens of new stores? Bc people are diseased and dying- and pharma is profiting. They are heavily invested in this "disease economy". Think about this- what would happen if people found out that cancer is curable(it is)? How many jobs would be lost? How many "cancer treatment drugs" that are worth billions would be obsolete? Do u think pharma would allow that to happen? The answer is no. They will not and have not. I hope ive at the very least sparked your curiosity. Id advise you to head on over to naturalnews.com and continue your search for the truth.
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How Does Pharmaceutical Companies Made Drugs ?

Postby Eugenio » Tue Oct 10, 2017 6:11 pm

organic synthetic chemistry: take a few courses in it, and you'll learn how they make drugs.(along with lots of other chemicals)
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