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How Do You Check For Cancer In Previous Caner Patients?

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How Do You Check For Cancer In Previous Caner Patients?

Postby Eumann » Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:25 am

ok, im 16 now, but i got cancer when i was 14. I also had a 6lb tumor in my abdomen, coming from my left ovary, in which the cancer was in. They thankfully got it all out, but i keep having really bad pains, not like cramps or anything, but sometimes I'll get sudden sharp pains in my lower abdomen, and then sometimes its not sharp, but lasts a long time. I want to check, but dont exactly want to tell my parents because it was very hard on them, so i dont want to worry them.
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How Do You Check For Cancer In Previous Caner Patients?

Postby Lucio » Fri Oct 06, 2017 9:26 am

These are screening tests for ovarian cancer:

1) Physical exam: Your doctor checks general signs of health. Your doctor may press on your abdomen to check for tumors or an abnormal buildup of fluid (ascites). A sample of fluid can be taken to look for ovarian cancer cells.

2) Blood tests: Your doctor may order blood tests. The lab may check the level of several substances, including CA-125. CA-125 is a substance found on the surface of ovarian cancer cells and on some normal tissues. A high CA-125 level could be a sign of cancer or other conditions. The CA-125 test is not used alone to diagnose ovarian cancer. This test is approved by the Food and Drug Administration for monitoring a woman's response to ovarian cancer treatment and for detecting its return after treatment.

3) Ultrasound: The ultrasound device uses sound waves that people cannot hear. The device aims sound waves at organs inside the pelvis. The waves bounce off the organs. A computer creates a picture from the echoes. The picture may show an ovarian tumor. For a better view of the ovaries, the device may be inserted into the vagina (transvaginal ultrasound).

~Good Luck.
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