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How do you build your blood after chemotherapy?

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How do you build your blood after chemotherapy?

Postby riddock » Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:35 pm

Dr Schulze was able 2build blood in people wi/Karposi sarcoma cancer AIDS &severe anemia w/beet juice (fresh) but u dont want to take it alone as its powerful & can cleanse 2quickly

from save ur life manual quote "juice-fastings like a blood transfusion 4sick patients who r wasting away 2death."

here are some excerpts from that chapter

"One thing that was important w/him was the juices really boosted him up. BISER:
What kind of juices
One of my favorites, &we used this with him, is carrot,beetroot &beet leaf.
BISER: (bis)
A mixture of those three?
Like 50% carrot 25% beet root &25% beet leaf.I remember his blood count was very low. We got his blood count normalized in 3 days.Not his T-cells, but his red blood cells. His hemoglobin count was very low.

His hemoglobin count had been down very low at the bottom of the level. Hed been white, pasty and weak. The blood count was so low, you could almost see through him.In 3 days, his blood count was almost over the top. his color was back, &he had lots of energy. I got the2 of them some books on juices, &their juicer was running all the time.Most of the cancer, the Karposi's sarcoma, is just blotchy, but there were some areas where he had some horrible skin; there was even some elimination coming out of it. So, we did a lot of drawing stuff
on that 2clear him out.
Poke root poultices?
Yes, &a lot of skin-brushing. Whenever people have cancer, I always use that same black drawing poultice with the clay, the charcoal, poke root, garlic, goldenseal and just try to disinfect....

,,,He was buying more books on it. And then I had him getting up out of bed, probably in a week, &doing the juicing himself. That's
important too.

Within the week, he was not dead?
Within a week, he was up, standing in the kitchen, holding on to the counter a little bit, wheezing & juicing. We went through a lot of blood-building juices. He got into mushrooms a lot, you know,immune-stimulating mushrooms/fungi.

taken fr/aids chapter of the save ur life manual


Absolutely. The doctors didn't even suggest any treatment
because he was in such horrible shape they thought the treatment
would kill him. They were worried his heart would give out in
the treatment.
When doctors give a patient chemotherapy, it is taxing to the body. It takes ur energy away, it depresses u further. On the other hand, a juice fast is energizing 2the body. It is supplying the body w/vitamins, minerals, enzymes.It's just what the body needs but it takes 60% or more of ur energy to digest food. So, when u stop eating food, u have more energy, & then of course, you add in the enzymes, vitamins and minerals from the juices.This is one thing people don't get about the incurables program.They think if they stop eating they will get weaker. When they stop-eating, they get stronger. &of course, it happens immediately.
Did be get stronger?

w/in a couple of months, he had a 30% increase in hisblood count.That showed he was responding, but again, the doctor said that was not what was happening.He felt the energy coming back,he felt stronger & I'm going to say, at 6 months, he had the 50 pound weight loss & he was getting very healthy &, of course,.,.
So he had a 30% blood improvement at 6 months & a 50 pound weight loss?
Absolutely. And over the next 6 months, he pulled right out of it. He had no leukemia at the end of a year, I find w/most people u need to give it a year.He wasn't on the incurables program this whole time.Only the first 30 days. Often, after the first 30 days, I give a person a little bit of a break 2respond; they have done a lot of hard work.He was on &off very good programs, he became an exercise fanatic.He used to walk around the block, and I got him to where he increased his walk by about 10 times and did it about 10 times faster.
At the end of a year, he was given a clean bill of health &, at that time, he didn't even want to stop. Most of these people don't. They are believers now. page 270

They R certainly not going to do it w/drugs. Science says they don't know why, but with some people it has turned that way.Obviously, the way u do it is w/the incurables program.Dr. Christopher knew this.He had many patients with leukemia 1 thing Dr. Christopher knew more than anybody is that u could change a person's blood.Dr. Christopher would even take women that were the Rhnegative factor on their second child.He did not believe they would need blood transfusions.Of course, science transfuses the children in those situations.He said he never had to, as long as he cleaned the mother's blood.that is changing the integrity of the blood. It's dramatic % I've done that w/many patients.
excerpt SCU:
I had a man w/leukemia. He had fairly severe leukemia.Hed undergone a couple different treatments & a couple shots of chemo He felt so horrible, he said that dying would be better than
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How do you build your blood after chemotherapy?

Postby albrecht » Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:37 pm

I recommended taking a lot of antioxidants. the one I recommend is grapeseed extract or pycnogel

http://www.grapeseedextract.com.au/ it is 20 times higher in antioxidants than vitamin C & 50times higher than vitamin R

grapeseed extract tends 2b cheaper than pycnogenol http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A0oG7k_lJUhQWGsAC1tXNyoA?ei=UTF-8&fr=ytff1-tyc&p=grape+seed+extract+and+chemotherapy&SpellState=&fr2=sp-qrw-corr-top

http://search.yahoo.com/search;_ylt=A0oG7k_lJUhQWGsAC1tXNyoA?ei=UTF-8&fr=ytff1-tyc&p=grape+seed+extract+and+chemotherapy&SpellState=&fr2=sp-qrw-corr-top more on antioxidants

look for sources such as selenium, coQ10, melatonin etc I would also take green smoothie or green juices made with any fruit or fruit combo blended with water and dark leafy greens such as kale, collard greens, green leafy tops of carrot, radish, turnip, beet, daikon etc romaine, swiss chard, spinach, arugala, watercress, parsley,. broccoli, celery. dandelion greens etc or safe wild green such as plantain. lamb's quarter, lemon balm,. basil, grape leaves, leaves of daisies, berries, violets and so forth

Be sure to change the greens you are using every day or so. Important. also drink green juices and all home made juices in a juicer within 20 minutes and make fresh each time dont hold in fridge and green smoothies last about 2-3 days and get drink from fridge.

perhaps using a blood cleansing herb formula will help. this one is real good (see all 3 orange tabs at top when you click on product info)

https://www.herbdoc.com/index.php/Our_Products/Detoxification burdocks a good blood cleansing herb b sure to use an organic or wildcrafted herb-best is in the form of a tincture or tea made w/distilled water, Capsules arent that good as poorly absorbed.

here is a list of some other alterative herbs (blood cleansing herbs)

http://www.gaines.com/store/Herbs/HerbsLibrary/Alterative.html doctor schultze's intestinal cleanse #2 (take it with #1) can pull 3000 thousand drug residues from body

http://curezone.com/schulze/herbal_colon_cleanse_1_2.asp u buy it at herbdoc.com

going raw, organic and vegan whole food diet will also help you.
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How do you build your blood after chemotherapy?

Postby faulkner » Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:43 pm

iron rich foods or supplements, B-vitamins
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How do you build your blood after chemotherapy?

Postby dawayne » Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:47 pm

Iron rich foods.
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How do you build your blood after chemotherapy?

Postby winfrid » Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:52 pm

Listen to Dead Doctors Don't Lie" here http://www.youngevityhealthplanet.com/dead-doctors-dont-lie.html
Then call Dr. Peter Glidden. He has a radio show Monday thru Friday at 2:00PM Pacific Time.
He can give you the best answer!! http://www.gcnlive.com/programs/fireYourMD/
Call 5 minutes before the show. He and Dr. Joel Wallach can tell you how to help your body better that any allopathic MD. Dr. Wallach has a show Monday - Friday at 12:00 PM Pacific Time.
Call his show 10 minutes before it starts. http://www.gcnlive.com/programs/deadDoctors/
These two doctors are the best in the world. They reverse diseases. No allopathic, reductionist MD can do that!!
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