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How Do Past Lives Help Heal Current Health Problems?

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How Do Past Lives Help Heal Current Health Problems?

Postby Shelby » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:11 pm


" For several decades increasing numbers of psychologists and psychotherapists have found that a host of human ills are treatable through past-life regression.

For example, clinical psychologist and noted past-life therapist Edith Fiore has found that many eating disorders appear to be connected to past-life causes. In one instance Fiore regressed a woman whose craving for salty foods had left her with dangerously high blood pressure and discovered that in a previous life the woman had been a native American boy who had starved to death when his tribe ran out of salt to cure their meat. Another man who had an uncontrollable craving for chocolate whenever the weather got cold discovered that he had been given a cup of hot chocolate in a past life after he had nearly frozen to death.

Fiore states: "I now find that almost all patients with chronic weight excess of ten pounds or more have had a lifetime in which they either starved to death or suffered food deprivation for long periods. I've met 'aborigines,' 'American Indians,' 'natives' of deep Africa and people from many countries who found themselves without food and often water. Starvation in past lives continues to affect the person in the present one, resulting in a compulsion to overeat. One woman patient who had a persistent fluid-retention problem?found herself, several lifetimes ago, dying from dehydration and starvation, as well as smallpox.

Eating disorders are not the only problems researchers have connected to past-life causes. Other ills that various past- life therapists have reported include alcoholism, cigarette smoking, and other drug addictions, allergies, arthritis, asthma, cancer, depression, diabetes, epilepsy, eye problems, fears, phobias, and obsessions, headaches and other body pains, hyperactivity and childhood autism, insomnia, multiple personalities, relationship problems and child abuse, sexual dysfunctions, stress, and nervousness.

Most exciting of all, past-life therapists from around the world report that in many cases the unearthing of the memories responsible for these disorders alleviates them. An incident encountered by Dr. Stanislav Grof, chief of psychiatric research at the Maryland Psychiatric Research Center and assistant professor of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, provides a typical example. For years a patient Dr. Grof calls Norbert suffered from severe pains in his shoulder and pectoral muscles. Norbert, a psychologist and minister by profession, sought all manner of professional help, but after repeated medical examinations no source for his problem could be discovered. Finally, in desperation Norbert sought Dr. Grof's help.

Dr. Grof, a longtime researcher in the past-life phenomenon, decided to place Norbert in a state of past-life awareness. After being regressed, Norbert suddenly found himself in the midst of a military battle. From the uniforms the soldiers were wearing, Norbert was even able to identify the melee as one of the battles in Cromwell's England. Suddenly, as Norbert watched the flurry of soldiers around him, he felt a sharp pain and realized that his chest had been pierced by a lance. At last he had found the cause of his mysterious affliction and after regaining consciousness he discovered that his chronic shoulder pains had vanished."

Your past lives - Michael Talbot
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How Do Past Lives Help Heal Current Health Problems?

Postby garrick » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:12 pm

psychologists and psychotherapists need money, why let those preachers and holyier men..be the only ones getting a profit with a supernatural con
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How Do Past Lives Help Heal Current Health Problems?

Postby Waerheall » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:18 pm

It would seem that if things are in any way as the writers suggest, then it should be elementary to produce studies that will nicely document these things.

No such studies exist, which strongly suggests tthat this is all just made up or folks passionately desring to see a result when objectively, no such result is actually obtained.

If anyone were to produce a study that verified these claims, many would of course not accept it, but some enterprising people would go and do their own studies.
And even if these were also ridiculed, eventually the number of studies would be overwhelming, and all of a sudden, this would be something science has always taught.

Why is that not happening? Very simple answer.
Because these statements are not truthful.
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How Do Past Lives Help Heal Current Health Problems?

Postby Colvert » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:29 pm

I had a childhood friend who claimed to remember Big Ben (clock in London) being installed.I When we were 18 we went to a spiritualist camp for a reading with a medium(psychic).I was shocked to hear the medium tell her about a past life in London the very same year as the clock was installed. I still go to this spiritualist camp every summer.Look for one in your area. Also check out Sylvia Brown on the Montel Williams show. She is a little over the top, but often talks about past life topics. I have also heard of using hypnosis for past life regression. Bet*
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How Do Past Lives Help Heal Current Health Problems?

Postby Kael » Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:31 pm

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