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High Risk HPV Strain?

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High Risk HPV Strain?

Postby nevan » Fri May 10, 2013 3:57 pm

Im a guy and i HAD genital warts. Ive been clean for about 6 months i could guess. Ive accepted it and im trying to move on from it. However, ive come across a new problem. They say that you can carry multiple times. So i thought to myself ok, i probably carry 6&11, which are "multiple" strains. Alright thats cool cause thats just genital warts. Now im afraid that i could ALSO carry the high risk (cervical cancer) strains. Is this true? I understand that genital warts are the low risk strains. I have done plenty of research, bouncing from the CDC website and reading blogs online. So no need to respond with the basics of HPV, i know it. That there is no test, no cure, no nothing, especially for guys.
I want to get married one day. The woman that im interested in is a virgin. So i know that she doesnt have HPV. She was vaccinated as a child, as i wish i was. Now, what are my risks. Married couples want to have a family some day, which means no condoms while having sex. However this increases my chances of giving her HPV. i know that a woman marrying me also marries my past and my problems. However, i dont want to hurt her or harm her in any way shape or form. Genital warts alright that just sounds gross and annoying to have. But CERVICAL CANCER is something that i cant deal with, especially giving it to someone I love. Is there any chance that i might not carry the high risk hpv strain because ive had genital warts? Is there anything anyone can tell me (something that isnt basic knowledge of HPV) that can give me some comfort on this subject. HPV can be fought off by the immune system over the course of a couple of years, i know i know. I dont want to hear more of the basics i want someone to tell me something I dont know. Is there anything? anything that i can do to prevent my love, my wife, my future, from danger of this virus. Anything.
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High Risk HPV Strain?

Postby archere » Fri May 10, 2013 4:03 pm

I acknowledge you are concerned for your partner.

Short answer: don't worry cervical cancer is hugely preventable and treatable.

Long answer: Alright this may not exactly be what you're looking for BUT bear with me here. As you've probably read cervical cancer is one of the best treated and preventable cancers out there. Let's assume you have HPV16/18. let's also assume that you've passed it in to your partner. let's also assume that her immune system didn't immediately clear our those viral cells. From this point it is a VERY slow process for cervical cells to turn into cancerous. years. pap smears will pick up those pre-cancerous cells before they even get a chance to become cancers. even at this stage pre-cancerous cells can just revert back to normal anyway. but let's assume they don't (as you've probably realised i am making this a 'worst case scenario styled answer'). so now you get a letter in the mail saying the pap smear results weren't great. long story short those cells they saw get taken out in a setting much like that of a papsmear anyway.

My point is it'd be pretty hard to cause your partner to develop cervical cancer. I suggest that you speak to a doctor regarding family planning if you're this concerned.

I hope this helps you in some fashion :)
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