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High Neutrophils and low Lymphocytes doctors help?

Leukemia and blood cancer discussion.

High Neutrophils and low Lymphocytes doctors help?

Postby haye » Mon Apr 11, 2011 10:38 pm

Hi I'm 34 years old and since last november I been having low grade fever that comes and goes.. Never passes 100.1 and when I get blood work done at the ER I always have a high Neutrophils count always in the range of the 70.0 to 85.0 my highest goes up and down and my Lymphocytes is low under 20.0 same goes up then back down and at times my WBC is high and sometimes normal..? I'm so confused about this the doctor said my blood work is always normal but then I look at the report myself and it says either a H next to it or L meaning high and low. My question is can any cancer be causing this? Tumors? Lymphoma or leukemia? I'm been very concer cause I been not feeling myself well lately but no doctor finds anything wrong with me? I feel lumps on my neck had MRI ct scan etc and all comes back fine. Had an ultrasound done. They found a Subcentimeter nodule on my left lobe doctor says very low rusk.. That same side I can feel a lump foc says a muscle another says lymph node scans says it's fine? Also my wife has had HPV 3 years backs when tested I don't know if this has anything to do with any of this I been scared and so stressed with no answers any doctors can tell me should I be worried with my blood work the lumps etc?? I weight almost 200lbs my weight seems to always go up and down lately last I checked was 195lb when I eat goes up and the next day goes back down I do drink alot of water and sometimes I do eat once or twice a day don't know if that is related but someone anyone plz help if you can thank you! Much peace and love! God bless!
Also forgot to mention I do feel lumps on the sides of my stomach I been told your not suppose to feel lymph nodes there unless they are very very very super large but they feel small grape size some pea size.. I don't get night sweats or very high fever either..
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