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Hi Platelets And Hi Liver Enzymes After A Month Of Just Fever

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Hi Platelets And Hi Liver Enzymes After A Month Of Just Fever

Postby Austin » Sun Feb 15, 2015 4:33 pm

may 19 got a high fever no other symptoms.  From then to June 8th everyday/night I had 100.4 to 103.3.  Went to MD he just did a urine and CBC and normal results sent me home.  Waited a week went to ER same tests done same results plus liver function that was normal.  Told to keep on Advil/Tylenton which I did every single day of that month-fired my MD seen new one  yesterday he did labs and a chest xray. Xray showed right scarred lung he wants a CT to be sure thinks it may have been pneumonia with the fever-BUT I NEVER COUGHED OR HAD SYMPTOMS. labs sucked.  Aic 8.8% lipids 20 points each too high, triglycerides 450(didnt use my Zocor that sick month) I also have hi liver enzymes tho no gallbladder and I also have elevated platelets;they ordered an iron study on that and a hepatitis profile on the liver enzymes-also very low B12.CBC normal. Isnt elevated platelets BAD? life threatening? ANd liver enzymes?  I am 52/menopausal/overweight/and is any of this seem life threatening? Cant platelets high casue a cancer or heart attack or stroke? I was left hanging. PLEASE answer

ANSWER: Hello Renae,

Elevated platelets are usual after an infection, and not bad or life threatening, but normal response. High platelets do not cause heart attack or stroke or cancer.  High liver enzymes may come from infection too.  It's safe to wait 2 weeks and see if they return to  normal.

Please write back if this doesn’t answer all your questions.

David Richardson

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

ok here I am on August 2, 2012 and I still have high liver enzymes; I get checked every 2 weeks;my Dr tells me NOTHING-he was overheard by me stating he despises American women he is from Pakistan--anyway one was like 14 pts high now both are 25 points without fasting too high and now the bilirubin is marked a few points too high-I have no gallbladder. My WBC is ok and platelets are now ok at 350 they were 200 a week back;hepatitis profile negative-is that absolutely reliable? And oddly my BP since the fever stays at 60-66 on the bottom number and 100-115 on the top and I feel so tired and cold and lightheaded at times-I take Benicar HCT 20mg for 8 yrs. I stopped the Zocor on my own last week as well-what do u think about the still high enzymes and the weird low BP as I am very panicy and was alwasy 130.70 or 130/80-I am having a lot of stomach issues as heartburn and diarhea off and on-colonoscopy Aug 30 for 1st time-belly hurts with heartburn-any advice appreciated about BP and enzymes opinion-and RBC were low 5 points now have built uo 4 points as well as low hematocrit/hemoglobing-8 points low
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Hi Platelets And Hi Liver Enzymes After A Month Of Just Fever

Postby Kaleb » Sun Feb 15, 2015 5:46 pm

Renae, since your BP is low, I'd stop the Benicar HCTZ to see if it's causing your fatigue and heartburn.  It takes a month or more for liver enzymes to get back to normal if they are elevated by Zocor.  Get your Bowel movements checked for blood.  A  nurse can do that.  Maybe blood loss is causing your anemia.  Ask the wretched doctor to test your blood iron content.
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