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Help! My horse is sore on his flanks?

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Help! My horse is sore on his flanks?

Postby danakas62 » Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:52 pm

For a few weeks now, my horse has been very sore on his flanks and belly, whenever i slightly touch it, he throws his head up, puts his ears back and tries to kick and bite me. Im not sure if this is behaviour problems, or if he is in pain? He had an ultrasound at the vets, and the vet cant find anything wrong with him at all, and its definatly not stomach ulcers. Could he have a skin problem or urine infection? Thank you for all the help guys, its really apprieciated:)
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Help! My horse is sore on his flanks?

Postby woodley90 » Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:56 pm

Is it around the girth area? If so, I would suspect some damage to the pectorals and lay off riding for a while to let him heal up. Try gently massaging his sides with a hand massager (one of those knobbly things you can get in the chemist) or just your knuckles. Use light pressure and little circular movements to release any tension in the muscles. You can also try doing some stretches with his legs to loosen the muscles- pick up his front legs and stretch them forwards slowly, holding around his pastern, hold for 5 seconds, then let him put it down. pick up his back leg and stretch it forwards slowly, like the farrier does to put the foot on a stand to tidy up, holding around his pastern, hold for 5 seconds, then let him put it down. You will find he starts to relax into it and will be able to stretch further over time. Make sure you only stretch the legs forwards though, not out to the side.

A visit from the physio may well be a good idea, also check your worming plan and see if he's due. A high burden can cause colic-like pain.
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Help! My horse is sore on his flanks?

Postby gwynfor » Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:58 pm

I wonder if he is sore or ticklish? Your best bet would be to call out an equine physiotherapist or chiropractor (who would be better). The problem might be in the ribs, but then again it could come from the spine. Trapped nerves in the spine, or anywhere else for that matter can cause referred pain, so the trapped nerve is somewhere else but gives pain in another area.
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Help! My horse is sore on his flanks?

Postby rique51 » Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:10 pm

lyme disease
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Help! My horse is sore on his flanks?

Postby hearpere » Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:11 pm

So exactly WHAT did they perform the US on and for what reason were they drawn to that area? Did the vet give you a diagnosis of any kind? If nothing definitive has been found, you need to seek the assistance of another vet. Do you have an equine hospital close to you as that would be a good option. If your vet could do an ultrasound, I don't understand why further diagnostics were not completed?

Your horse may have serious problems. Is the soreness his only symptoms? It could be a back problem. If you feel confident in your vet and that he has done all he can do, you could get help from an equine chiropractor and see if this helps. I hope you are not continuing to ride your horse. This could be really serious and I would think that riding would be detrimental to him. Because the pain is bilateral, it would point to low back and/or sacral problems. Are you giving him something for pain? Has he received any anti-inflammatory medication? if so, has it helped? Sorry, but I hope he gets better. Again, I would get other opinions. Good Luck.
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Help! My horse is sore on his flanks?

Postby wuyi » Mon Sep 19, 2011 11:24 pm

You don't mention what was ultrasounded or what your vet proposes now, if anything? What other studies did the vet perform? Surely more was done than just an ultrasound? If labs and other tests have all failed to produce a diagnosis, it's time for a second opinion.
I would not stop investigating this until I found the answers. If no organ pathology such as a kidney or urogenital disorder or no muscular or neurologic pathology shows up, I'd look at less obvious causes such as mesenteric adenitis, which is an inflammation or infection in the lymph nodes of the abdominal mesentery that can manifest with this type of pain and is often misdiagnosed.
The best diagnostics are those available at equine hospitals and clinics. One with MRI capability would be great if it is available to you.
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