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Hard lump in throat and feeling like something is stuck in throat?

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Hard lump in throat and feeling like something is stuck in throat?

Postby macnicol » Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:39 pm

I can feel a lump on my throat i feel like its in the thyroid area there a hard throat structure on both sides but on one side its weird shaped i dont know if its a tumor in that area or just my throat structure. My brother has the same hard thing in the same area of the thyroid but both his are even and like i said one of my sides is alot bigger and odd shaped! Again idk if its a tumor but it feels like it! Also around the same area on the inside of my throat it feels like there is something always stuck in my throat. the sensation of something stuck in my throat has been a few months now! It doesn't cause any pain, No voice hoarseness, no blood in saliva, No burning sensation, nothing other than the hard bump which again could just be my throat structure and the feeling of something stuck in my throat! Is this cancer or what else could it be? Im scarred it could be cancer! I know there are many possibilities please help im scarred! im a 20 year old male have used tobacco some not crazy but dont anymore!
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Hard lump in throat and feeling like something is stuck in throat?

Postby marwin » Tue Mar 12, 2013 4:40 pm

I believe this is your trachea, if you are feeling both sides of your throat at the same time you may be unconsciously applying more pressure or force to one side or the other giving you the impression that one side is larger than the other. I seriously doubt you have cancer, I've been smoking for about 7 years now, a pack a day for probably past 3-5 years.

Other possibilities are perhaps inflammation of the throat do to allergies, respiratory irritants and things of that nature. Perhaps you are experiencing a "knot" of muscle tissue that surrounds the throat. If you don't have any blood in saliva, no pain or anything indicative of cancer i think you can relax a bit. That being said, everyone's bodies are different and even though its unlikely you have cancer might want to consult a physician.

If you have been sick recently or experience a runny nose or things like that its possible there is a mass of mucus that is obstructing your throat. I would look into that possibility if you find yourself in the habit of sniffling or "snorting" substances.

All things considered the trachea is quite flexible and i'm guessing you're just pushing one side harder than the other.
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Hard lump in throat and feeling like something is stuck in throat?

Postby aberto77 » Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:04 pm

I think you are talking about your Adam's apple.
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