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Had A Weird Dream? Does It Mean Anything?

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Had A Weird Dream? Does It Mean Anything?

Postby Derrian » Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:38 pm

I had two dreams one was I was at my friends house and my step dad started yelling at me and I started crying and I was walking home but when I woke up I was crying too ? Does that mean anything my other dream isn't weird but I would do that for my mom Ok I had a dream I was with my mom at a store and she wanted this cancer book thing we didn't have money though my mom has cervical cancer btw and I was trying to raise money to buy it I was cleaning stuff and I was doing a lot and I finally got it for her she was soo happy
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Had A Weird Dream? Does It Mean Anything?

Postby Caffar » Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:45 pm

It is believed that dreams are of what weighs heavily on your mind. The 1st for example maybe you want a closer relationship with your step father or maybe you feel he has been to hard on you lately, The second would be you worrying about your mother having cancer. In my culture we believe the soul consists of 2 parts, half is the head and the other half is your dreams. Your dreams can show you, what you desire or some of your worries.
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Had A Weird Dream? Does It Mean Anything?

Postby Chagiya » Sun Sep 17, 2017 11:56 pm

It means that you need to express your feelings and release those emotions that you are feeling inside, once you get everything out in the open and tell how you feel, leave that negative thinking behind and be more positive. I don't know if you have ill feelings for your step dad as it relates to your mom but your mom is fine she is moving toward her goals at a steady pace and she has alot of knowledge, intellect, information and wisdom so get as much as you can from her.
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Had A Weird Dream? Does It Mean Anything?

Postby Harelache » Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:04 am

probability is the actual incontrovertible fact which you have have been given had it a number of situations potential it does have some value. in case you have ever had an adventure with a bugler or some thing of that nature, then probability is you're purely reliving the form, variety of like a soldier experiencing submit irritating tension disease. If the dream is symbolic, then its lots harder to pinpoint what it might desire to intend.If i became forced to guess, given my constrained awareness, i could say it potential which you're frightened approximately new or unfamiliar places/concepts/issues/situations/etc...... thats why it occurs in the dark at somebody else's dwelling house, a miles less usual place than your guy or woman dwelling house the place the low visibility makes the placement greater disorienting and you much less on top of issues. The black clad determine probably represents some thing going incorrect in some way. in elementary terms you may come to a sort no count if this interpretation is clever based on your guy or woman existence and stipulations. additionally, do no longer decrease fee that this might properly be in elementary terms a ordinary nightmare with out actual meaning. My mom had desires of being caught on a rock interior the ocean by way of fact the tide got here in and drowning for years with out (in accordance to her) any actual reason (tension, uncertainty, etc.).
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