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Girl Problem Please Help?

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Girl Problem Please Help?

Postby Bentleah » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:00 am

so a week and a half ago i finished my period. and three days ago i started bleeding again but not normal it was every little bit but it was normal blood but it wasn't constant so i figured maybe something was wrong and i was having it again so i put a tampon in about 3 hrs later i wanted to see how the tampon looked to try and see what was going on and it hurt so bad trying to get the tampon out it was so painful i was almost in tears but there was only blood on one side of the tampon(the let side) and after i took it out the left side of my blater area(where it hurts when u have menstrul cramps) was in so much pain, the other side was completely clean i did this for two days not knowing what was going on today i talked to my mom about it and she said to stop using tampons right away and use pads and book a doctors appointment because she said she wasn't jumping to conclusions but it sounded like cervical cancer what do you guys think. im 17. the only other odd things lately are bad back pain that kinda popped out of no where two or three weeks ago. the very base of the back i cant think of anything else. let me know what you think fellow woman especially those who have experienced it because im scared.
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Girl Problem Please Help?

Postby Fulbert » Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:02 am

well tampons hurt if you take them out before they get fully soaked in blood so that explains that and the 3 days later part your not even 20 yet so your periods are still irregular
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